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Extract Omegalpha Ztt08: A christmas crime film comedy - Ztt08 film script - script-outline - film script - short stories - continuation novel - letters from father christmas - letters of father Christmas

Novel authoress Sylvia Aevermann. Sylvia Aevermann was 1966 born and will act as freelancer, freelance worker End of screen artist mainly in the areas painting and metal sculpture. 1991 established they right along with their artist colleague Henning Block the studio community Steel & Color in Lower Saxony, where you today again lives and operates. With the present Novel perpetrates they its first literary assassination. A further novel somewhere about protagonists Praxeda Empress and Robbie van Winterblum is into preparation.
Omegalpha Ztt08 - a christmas crime film comedy - extract.
Book cover image Omegalpha Ztt 08. Short description of the Schardt publishing house
Robbie van Winterblum decides to spend the last weeks of the year in complete silence on a remote property in Switzerland. If the fatal idea had not come there to his manager Stockard Darius to transmit to Robbie a Christmas present! Darius kicks off with it an event avalanche of unexpected magnitude which not only Robbie headache prepares.... Tumultuous, rich in tempo, wittily and romantically it is in this abstruse gangster's thriller almost shouting after filming and dear thriller which does not allow to associate unintentionally to film tapes like pulp Fiction. Without breather the author changes between the actual and (also by involuntary drug intake) to imagined action and reality levels, between thought up screenplay and real experience of the brightly motley figures to and fro. The allusion wealth on literary and cinematic traditions or is nearly uneasy to grasp as one probably formulates more adequate: his linking. Not only the droll substance delivers a guarantee on an amusing reading pleasure, but also its insane staff. There everything is present from the unprincipled-sentimental gang boss about thoughtless awkward assassin up to the naive-erotic actress and boyish-dear-great popstar what needs a criminal Christmas comedy. There the publishing company must already apologise in the approach to the reader that the Roman which will transfer him into a truthful ecstasy will be too fast to an end. Publishing company: Schardt; production: 1. Ed. (September, 2009) language: In German. Only few copies available. With us on inquiry available.

Film script christmas crime film comedy Omegalpha Ztt 08. Monolingual: Only German.
Film script christmas crime film comedy Omegalpha Ztt 08. Bilingual : German - English.
Film shooting script Xmas crime story thriller Omegalpha Ztt 08. Monolingual: Only in Englisch.

Logosieros - short story.
Sebastian Smith, an Playboy first quality class, falls on a foray through germany, its own game to the immolation.
Quite a usual Monday or the margins of the reality - short story.
Zero zero - continuation novel.
Letters from father Christmas - letters of father Christmas.

Press report Uelzener newspaper 11.10.2009.
Criminal story, comedy plus more. Sylvia Aevermann from Stadensen introduces her Roman.

Literary assassination. From DIRK MARWEDE Stadensen.
Your book carries the title "Omegalpha ZTT 08". Sounds complicated, anyway according to science fiction. However, far from it. Authoress Sylvia Aevermann from Stadensen has upon selection of theirs book title - of course - something thought. "Omegalpha", she says "stands for from the end on the top go", the abbreviation ZTT is called nothing else than "Zythera meets Tytche", the 0 symbolizes a circle and the 8 a cosmic cycle."That would be so clarified. So not a sience fiction novel separate a christmas crime film comedy and the has one easy and humorous story at the same time. There is to one of the crooks Crazy Will which loves to kidnap people and to blackmail them. There's to another also his daughter Loretta, the supposes, that their father also his wife Madolyn kidnaps has. But the can Crazy Will of course not admit. There Loretta has a great idea. She kidnaps itself, shall are called, she simulates her own kidnapping. For Crazy Will a world collapses, as Loretta without a trace has disappeared and he comes along on the search for her... "It is for me in the book, among the rest, about how to itself characters in the course of the time can change", says Sylvia Aevermann. "Whether Crazy Will becomes a better person? The must reader of "Omegalpha ZTT08" already themselves find out. "On the Frankfurters book fair will mine novel first time imagined", if Sylvia Aevermann is pleased, about one and a half years in the Roman has written. "I had the time and the writing has always given pleasure to me", if tells the free lance forming artist, has made to itself a name in the areas of painting and sculpture. With pleasure she reminds herself to the first while back. "However, one was whole to me importantly: I wanted the subject Christmas in the Roman contribute, because Christmas has for me always somewhat of new start. This also may with it hang up together that I have worked earlier in an old people's home. Christmas was for the inhabitants there always something special. There came children, itself all year round hardly have show up. Finally, sometime the Roman was finished and it put the question, what I to itself for me so that should start. Friends have got to me to search a publishing company..." Sylvia Aevermann has written up a total of 52 publishing companies, to them in the end, with the Schardt publishing company in Oldenburg made a find. Within less days the decision was made, the manuscript there as a book to publish.
Book cover image Omegalpha Ztt 08 Sylvia Aevermann still has the cover picture painted and then could the book after all into the print going. "I hope that itself efforts was worth has," she says, which in the intervening period already else continuation operates. "Omegalpha ZTT08" is in the good sorted booktrade available. On wednesday, 2. December, twenty clock, if Sylvia Aevermann invites to a reading in the creative memory in Uelzen. Omegalpha ZTT08, Sylvia Aevermann, Schardt publishing Oldenburg, 268 pages, price 12.80 euro.
Uelzen/Stadensen. A "literary assassination" termed the Schardt publishing house the first novel the Stadenser authoress Sylvia Aevermann Literary assassination With the misterious title "Omegalpha ZTT08". Of the subtitles promises a christmas crime film comedy. When should one something of the kind better introduce could when in the Uelzener cultural memory of Reinhard Schamuhn. There will be Aevermann today from twenty clock first time from their book read. The premiere guests expects alternatively a friendly glass champagne, juice or perhaps "goose wine". One may be stretched on a tumultuous one, the witty and romantic Roman rich in tempo which is full of allusions only so. Who thinks while reading of films like pulp Fiction, that lies in such a way wrong not. The author changes without breather between actual and imagined action levels, between thought up screenplay and real experience of the brightly motley figures to and fro. Also the staff of the droll Roman are worthy of notice. It enter on unprincipled sentimental gang boss, a thoughtlessly clumsier assassin and a naive actress. One is able to do himself Of suspicion ward off only seriously, that it with the author, in the Roman with reproached gun a publisher to the reading of a manuscript demands, around a selfportrait Aevermann acts. It, by the way, is known to a broader public opinion by her painting and her metal plastics. To see currently at the moment these are in the entrance to the town of Suderburg where a dinosaur peeps cheeky about the fence.
The Stadenser author Sylvia Aevermann. File photo: Ph. Schulze.
Press report Uelzener index 13.12.2009
The first book photo The first thing book. Read with Sylvia Aevermann
Uelzen. A little champagne reception, a tuning through the father christmas: So began the reading of Sylvia Aevermann in the new playhouse else rose wall. She read there from their first work, the christmas crime film comedy "Omegalpha ZTT08". Thereby had to the audiences a on the other time smile - about the cheerful kind of the recites, however, also about the Roman action. If requested Sylvia Aevermann signed her book in the break and positioned itself to the questions of the visitors. Sylvia Aevermann and guests in the new theatre

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