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Logosieros - short story


"Germania, you beauties where she is?" Using it generally if I flatter her?
"You want them, nevertheless, only as long as how you do not have them!", she answered.

"This dream has deep, mythological meaning", said the psychiatrist and lifted weighty his finger.
"Yes, I search the woman", i said. "And not the deeper sense of any mythology!"
I was anyway only Carol for the sake of with her psychiatrist, soul plumber or cork turner is quite suitable.
"Of banality", he continued, "After all months, with her possibilities, do not think you that this woman exists only in your imagination?"
"She exists not only in my imagination? Yes."
"The searching you not rather something which has continuance? How the art? Do not project your whole desire on this woman whom you do not find are able?" Carefully and calmly he looked me.
"Having to do I say you what the artist has said about the art?" I asked.
"The art is a whore whom you must fuck!"
"Knowledge you, THEM need no psychiatrist as you call me", he said, - this made him equally likeable: "Do not get stuck you in your idea. What you find at the end, is not anyway that what you have searched. To you is a muse appeared. Maybe the fate goddess even, from which you talk. Do, finally, something which makes sense."
"Yes!", I jumped up. "This it is. I will do one of the things which a man should do in his life. A book write. It everywhere market, it of every artist send............"


August, 1997.
"Winston", I shouted in the phone. finally, "I have spent just a lovely evening with your second and fourth ex Mrs...., to them your number has out-moved."
"You are in Hamburg?", asked Winston surprised.
"Yes, a small European trip is good every now and then."
"And?", said Winston amused. "Having you discovers already a little bit what wakes up your passion?"

My passions are valid bets, collecting and hunting And the collecting mostly limits itself on sports-car and the hunt itself on nice women. The order, nevertheless, steadily changes.
"In Rome I have bought a nice carriage", I answered. "Paris was rather dull. The Frenchwomen went for me with theirs mon `cher slowly on the mind. I allowed to send a few boxes of champagnes to you to Hamburg. However, yesterday in it Carol has bathed. I could protect only two bottles for you and overabundant I you extremely personally."
"How you have got Carol to speak generally with one of my sexist, disgusting yuppie friends? It is minced, as she discovered the photos recently from New York."
"I have shot even a few fantastic photos of Carol for you. You assure plausibly, that it themselves with the women around extremely sly work spies traded and we allowed to fly up merely her camouflage. So to speak, a question of the national security", answered I.

Winston laughed: "I bet you could sell yourself in a mud desert to somebody a face pack of mud."
"Then", I continued, "has explained them remorseful that she returns in your arms. I could hold them just still from it, immediately in him to rise the next airman and explained to her that it was more sensible psychologically seen if she allows to braise you still for a while."
"Marrying only Sunny", never said Winston. "You get only a lot of annoyance with it."
"The woman I would marry, would still only have to be created", i said. "To Me it passes the adventure."
"Passport on, you rise in the next airman and we unnerve the nightlife of Berlin."
"I have a look morning at one more carriage and coming with it to Berlin", i said.
"Forgetting it", said Winston. "Germany is a concentration country, you need two days to Berlin."
"If I find a lovely travelling companion, if I could kill to me the time absolutely sensually", I replied.
"The German women", said Winston: "Pah! Haughtily and unshaven."
Winston, "I said surprised do not tell me, you live two years in this country and have still met no German, which because of himself no adventure repays?"
"What you believe", Winston asked laughing, "Look I then in the states? In any case, I leave my carriage at the airport for you. You need cipher nobody. Sensor protection, you lift the barrier with yours left thumbprint on the touchpad on."
"A new invention of you", I asked tensely, "we can put on the market it?"
"To at the market is, there are already at least three hackers them the computer program can crack", explained Winston unmoved.

We arranged to meet for the next day and smiling I opened the hunting season. Every wood is interesting for a hunter. In the hotel bar I got the next hour two boxes on the ears, after I asked two women whether she shaved legs would have. They are quick-fitted, in any case, the German women. The Hamburg nightlife got me only one cat. I allowed to send my things by express to Berlin and went to ruin on the (daring) idea instead of travelling by rail by the airplane.
The compartment turned out all other, than comfortably.
The thick woman with her miniature Pekinese and her fruit on the hat tried constantly to me a conversation up obligations. Their squawking voice already electrified my hair roots and the guy in the Sunday suit, with strengthened collar, threw to me constantly distrustful views to and held his pocket firmly clasped on the lap. The champagne, my only luggage, I had in one transparent cellophane pocket, besides. I was infected just my 5th cigarett when the woman pointed out coughing slightly to the fact that this is a non-smoking compartment. Fall-like I left the compartment. I wandered a little by the corridors, kept closed look out after a cosier place, regretted already (almost) my decision by train travel.
"Cool legs has` she."
Two Twens still threw back a longing view in the compartment and got out at the railway station. Finally, sometimes an interesting train of thought! Presently I had understood the concept cool legs and copied myself on the search to them. Fervently hoping that they did not belong to a school girl.
And presently I found them. Towards you the places were free, THERE the boys had to have sat.
Last endlessly, to slender legs were in endlessly last, to black boots. After a wonderful piece of thighs, adapted itself scarlet dress in, with a fantastic figure in it. A slender neck. The head, the face in a newspaper detailed, from one sandy-coloured high hairdo crowned. Winston should go sometimes by train!

"Being allowed to do I compose me?", I put on a winning smile and looked expectantly in her direction. Either she had not heard me, or she simply did not react. "Being allowed to do I?", I asked once again and again she did not react. I composed myself and started to study more thoroughly her anatomy. The velvet, clinging dress stressed her gracile waist and my sharp eyes immediately discovered a continuous zipper in the front. In the shoulders the material of the dress was left blank and Ärmel, connected in black ropes with the dress, gave up the view well-shaped arms freely. The bright skin showed a few freckles in the face. The only one what to her appearance did not fit, was the big, ugly pocket which stood beside her on the ground.
"The dress stands excellent to you", I appealed to them once more.
"To thanks", said them with melodious voice without looking up generally. "I would not like to talk."
For a while I sat there so in silence and considered my tactics. Their defence raised her charm. A coloured shock of hair with catenas, rivets and handcuffs laden, staggered from the opposite side on us to. "Hurrying sometimes `a spring? "
She reacted without looking up, a box of cigarettes from the boot moved with two fingers out and offered the open box him Beings.
"And my mates?", asked the blue shock of hair.
"You can take the box", said them and passed to him the package.
"Fire?", the blue shock of hair further asked.
Again she reached in her boot, a lighter moved out and passed it to him. "This can also keep you."
Contented he departed again.
"Have you also a cigarette for me", I asked to offer on it prepared, immediately to her one. She had given away just her package. Me? already introduced to me how she lies in my arms. With open lips the sweet kiss expecting. Once more she sank her hand in the boot, a fresh package pulled cigarettes out and passed to me the box.
Besides, her newspapers fell to ground.
"Fire I do not have", she said, me from my day dream tearing.
"This I would like to doubt!", i said, lifted her newspapers, without not having a look at the title-pages and saw in her nice one Face. As a hunter I had already chosen. Flashing her deep blue eyes said me that it found me not unpleasant. That second-small moment in everything deciding ones is stamped. I handed back to her the newspapers and the cigarettes.
"Being there photos of you in it", I asked, on the playboy alluding to.
"No", she replied, opened the newspaper here again in which she had read and read on unflustered.
"Wanting you have fire?", I asked myself, puffing a cigarette lighting.
"No thanks", replied them: "I do not smoke!"
"Being able to do I you engage?", I asked, indeed, was not clear to me for what.
"I already said you that I do not wish to talk", said them pertinaciously without looking up. "Conversation means anyway never that what she seems to say."
This fractiousness started to give pleasure to me.
"You Have shaven legs?", I further asked.
She ignored the question, however, a short amused smile had shown me her dimples. They are haughty, the German women Winston is right there. I had to laugh at myself: In the states the class women lie to me at feet - and here they not even look at me? So I decided to change my tactics. I remembered the history of my father who speaks with pleasure from "Conquest ride" of my mother.
"If you a woman you do not long for agrees", he is in habit to say always: "It is due to the fact to 90% that you use the wrong tactics. Sometimes one must simply do something unusual and unexpected." On a rodeo for his friends with which it was a matter of lifting calves in the saddle he had in wild ride, the rostrum on Grace mounted storms, they on his saddle pulled and with her and of it in wild gallop. "Having them in the brown-white dress, nevertheless, really for one he adds little calves held", and in petto: "She was so haughty, appreciated me of no view because it held me only for a cow's boy." Softly she cuddled up to him when they returned, after three days.
"What you believe?", then Grace was in habit to ask always, "WHO has brought him probably to it?"

My view stuck on her ugly pocket... .... I opened the window, took the pocket and threw them quick as a flash out. If The window closed again and put down me calmly.

Five seconds there ruled absolute silence.
She jumped up from the seat, took a deep breath, closed three seconds her eyes. Their sweet bosom lifted and fell with every breath. I computed with a box on the ears, or nagging hysteria, however, with astonishingly quiet voice she started to speak: "Now you have two Possibilities, either, I pull immediately the emergency brake what I would not like to recommend with the today's state of the technique, or you accompany me immediately to the next police station and we controlled this theft in the eye of the law."
The blue hair laden with rivet, had also jumped up and tried to be based menacingly before me: "Age, has Se, nevertheless, don't everybody." Cleverly he closed a handcuff rattling around my wrist. With it I had not computed.
"I'll has it exact seen", shrieked the blue shock of hair female.
The remaining fellow-passengers loudly got worked up. Only the nice woman in the red dress, scrutinised me in silence. Then clicking she closed the other end of the handcuffs around her own wrist.
"Walking them with me food?", I asked as if nothing has happened.

She made a moment a dumbfounded face as if it cannot decide between laughter and wines.
"now everything what is interested me is in this pocket", she said.
The rage let her one light redness rise in the face and her nice eyes wildly sparkled. Smoothly like a cat she writhed to Blue shock of hair around, changed some computer words with him. I discovered an application from black material on theirs Dress. A big claw, directly on her sweet bottom.
"We Ham none flat, but find us....., as witnesses if needs us cipher has i'll do not thereby."
The next people composed themselves slowly again.
"you are courageous to chain yourselves to a foreign man", i said to her.
She threw a slighting view to me. "Arrival you", said them. "I search a conductor." You tugged in the handcuffs and willingly I followed her. She left their newspapers heedlessly.

The hunter has his prey already in the loop. There is no escaped. "Lady, stop, nevertheless, sometimes" i said, concerned in my previous compartment. The champagne still lay there untouched. With reluctance she stopped. The Pekinese woman, stared at the handcuffs with shocked view: "Having I to you immediately said, the man is not completely crazy."
The strengthened collar said no computer word. I ventilated my imaginary care. "A nice day still, I wished, after German custom, threw to the thick woman a kiss mouth and took the champagne. "
"Arrival you", said the lady once more, impatiently in the handcuffs pulling. I wanted nothing rather! "Why you have done this?", she asked. Oh this attractive claw on her arse. I was move to access.
"I wanted to learn you know", i said, nevertheless, something silly did not occur to me really.
"Argh!", it slipped out her. "Why can also not fancy you then, how other humans? How you are called then", she asked and pulled me steadily further.
"ähm. Sebastian", I fancied. "Sebastian Smith", not anticipating, that this name which I often use for my escapades, to me would seem once fateful. She ignored the views of the travellers who amazes partly and curiously, fascinated view stared behind us.
Concerned at the beginning of the train, no conductor was to be found. Nevertheless, the train slowly ran in a railway station. When he held, followed I you the platform down and directly on a conductor to.
"I would want that you take note, that I of this man here when civilian has arrested. He has thrown my pocket from the train", said them excitedly.
The conductor made an implausible face. Presently I had the good idea.
"Lady, do you hear,"I whispered to her in the ear: "I am on the move in an important mission, for your country and my country from more immense Meaning is."
"Patriotism can remain stolen to me", said them angrily. "The best will be, I fine-grind you now to the next police station, leave theirs Personal details take up and a police car searches my pocket. "
"Hearing you to me only one minute to", I swore to them and pulled away them some metres of the conductor. The second conductor joined to To first ones in addition and an amount from onlookers already stopped.... Probably arguing lovers......
.... in the honeymoon.......

"In the train are people, the important information of me wants", i said. "The best was instantaneous, by sensation excitement them To attract attention of the audience to me and to escape from them so." To the confirmation of my computer words I looked once again knowingly in the direction of the train which started to roll just again.

Some travellers had opened the windows and looked tensely at our scenario. The blue shock of hair waved once again and even them Pekinese woman had squeezed herself near the window and talked shaking the head with herself.
"The less you know, the whole matter for you"is the surer, I continued. "Of course we become for to you incurreded damage arise, however, I can assure you that the respect of your whole country lies in your hands." In certain manner this conformed to also of the truth
With her big, blue eyes she deeply looked in mine. "I believe you no computer word", she said. "If you would really be an agent, if you told with certainty nobody, never mind make so much fuss around your person. Nevertheless, the rest of your gang of thieves stood in the railroad and has immediately collected the pocket."

"I ask you in the name of your country for your assistance. Of course I accompany you also to the next police station. In the case I let out you Found to your personal security for at least 72 hours under protective custody put", i said with absolute self-assurance.
"I immediately miss the most important appointment in my life, you throw my existence from the window and now I still have to go with it do compute to be shot, or to land, on the other hand, in the police safekeeping?"you laughed: "Show you to me your identity card and I maybe trust you."
"For safety reasons I carry no papers on myself! Trust me, accompany me. We search your pocket and I myself guarantee for your security."
She scrutinised my face and wrinkled thoughtfully the eyebrows. The conductor them first had responded it came up to us.
"Who has arrested whom?", he asked.
"Nobody", i said fast and looked the lady plotting.
"My pocket has liked from the train", said them irritated and pointed in the direction from which the train had coming. "About 20 minutes from here."

The bluff seemed to work.
"Darling, we will already get back the pocket", i said.
She threw an indignant view and to me the conductor grinned coolly. Willingly he described to us, with the help of a plan, the place and wished us for the future all the best.
"Coming treasure", she said cynically, tugged rough in the handcuffs and headed on the exit.

Internally I shook before laugh. The deerstalking is loveliest for the hunter. If he has shot the game, the satisfaction does not last about that long..... and the hunting instinct wakes itself once more. This prey seemed to me sure.
"Only my mission", i said importantly to her. "Then your pocket." With reluctance she followed me to the next telephone box. The game exuded a beguiling smell and at the sight of her sensuous lips I wanted nothing rather, than to kiss this. I towed them in the telephone box, without not looking around before several times in every direction. Pulled the slip of paper with Winston's phone number from the pocket and searched change. "Äh, do you have small change? "
"Now still borrow from you me?", she asked, a hand sank in her boot, besides, my view got in her enchanting neckline and if a telephone card pulled out. "The next is a cardphone."

Winston went to the phone.
"23", i said. "Plan 5 comes into force."
"Sunny what you talk there?", asked Winston.
"In 1988, mission successfully", i said. "Having person in protective custody taken, let you immediately search a pocket in the railway track. Hamburg-Berlin, 20 minutes away from the railway station." Winston understood our old play immediately. You by means of the women images to be an agent in an important mission and in the fight for native country they get worked up glowing, with body application... and with mind. Winston himself is in it a professional. I had got to know 88 him.
"Wow, Sunny, looks them good? What question?", Winston laughed resounding. "And if I properly infer, you have thrown her pocket from the train." I admire Winston's power of deduction.
"This fits me very well", said Winston. "Passport on, the carriage stands still at the airport. I have to go for three days to Tokyo. My flight goes in two hours. My house stays empty to you and remain, until I am back. Agent...?"
"Sebastian Smith."
"I see you will not be bored..... till three days...."Winston still laughed resounding when I rang off.
She scrutinised me thoroughly and seemed hesitantly between unbelief, fascination and fury. Solemnly I burnt the slip of paper with Winston's phone number. "The thing with the pocket is controlled", i said to her. She compacted me aside and allowed to close her phone and her bank accounts during the next minutes and called at last a Berlin number.
"Karl, I cannot meet you today", said them. "A man has thrown my pocket from the train. I must controlled this."
"Being this your name?", I asked when she hung up.
"No", answered them. "Plan 5 comes into force, was this your important information? How are your instructions then?"
"I stand to you, as your personal escort to services", i said and looked round once again carefully round all directions. "Like are called you then?", I asked them.
"If you are this what you give, it might not be difficult for you to find out who I am", she answered. "And if you except Plan 5 have nothing on camp, now my plan comes into force and him says that I take now a damned taxi and the damned pocket looks. Or does your Mr. X by the miracle car coming now?"
"Of late", i said. The angry outrage stood miraculous to her. Their cheeks had turned red, her eyes sparkled and some strands of hair had wildly freed themselves from her hairstyle. She waved to a taxi and explained the way to the driver. The grinning taxi driver stared at the handcuffs: "Welfare lost the cipher, in the erotic shop one can also help you."
The journey went over desert, rough streets and her slender body was sometimes pressed against me or a strand of hair touched mine Face.

The hunter had taken up the track and soaked up with relish the smell of the game.
"Want you really on the field", asked the taxi driver. "It immediately rains." You nodded. "Yes, we get dirty bonus taxis also", he continued. "I do not know what you plan!" You threw to him a sparkling view and he kept back the next computer words. "The rest must go you on foot", said the driver when he had held limited: "Power...."
"Your part", she said and knocked to me with the free hand on the shoulder.
"American express", i said. The driver shook the head: "Only Cash, man."
She sank a hand in her boot and pulled a cleanly folded light out. Bit by bit I asked myself what probably still put everything in the boots.
"Waiting you, as long as this reaches. If we are not till then back, call the police", she said to the driver. "Arrival you." You opened the door and pulled me with itself. "Give you to me your jacket, you have thrown mine from the window." Willingly I gave her the jacket which it turned on the wrong side and wandered cleverly about the handcuffs. We went up by the rain to the railroad to get from there a better orientation.
"A gnarled tree was nearby", she said.
Where from she knew this, was mysterious to me. Nevertheless, she had read all the time. We went along for a while in the railway track, made way to an approaching train, wildly honking further-thundered and found, finally, the gnarled tree. A way went in some metres in the rails. From the pocket no track. She looked completely desperately and had bit by bit, because of the rain, resemblance to a wet cat.

"There comings somebody", I hissed and made them in the affect go with me behind the bushes to coverage. In the way a car had held and two men got out.
"Nevertheless, this are your people, they search my pocket", she said.
"Or the enemy", i said.
"Which enemy then?", she asked mockingly. "If I here already in the mud crawl around, I would know already with pleasure, hide from whom I me has to go."
"Being you quietly if her life is dear" to you, I hissed once more and looked pertinaciously in the direction from which both men coming. Searching these looked round. She was quiet for a while. I could pulsate her heartbeat in her slender neck long.
"In what mud woodlouse have brought you me?", she whispered. "And what I have? Nothing except your gossip about theirs, oh so important mission. Who says me that are not of all lies?"
"Saying to you your female intuition that everything is true what you experience" I did not reply. With it I had lured them into a catch-22 situation. Which woman was not proud, of her so-called female intuition. I put on my most serious, most plausible view and stared impressively in her eyes.
"Bad liars also compose such a look on", she said. "And what the truth concerns", she looked me with her crystal-clear eyes perky in. "So much I pinch myself also, awake I, nevertheless, over and over again in the mud crouching, beside a missionary without identity on, me only has robbed and now for the fact provides that I miss one of the most important appointments of my life."
"You meet Karl already another spot", i said.
"I is not certainly to be moved in the position him. What do I tell you this generally?", she said defiantly. She reached in the inside pocket of the jacket which was turned now outwardly and pulled my wallet out. "If you have nothing against it", she said, nevertheless, waited for no answer. "Credit cards... no cash. no photos. no passport.... oh.... Calling cards. Sebastian Smith... You prove John Johnson...... a lot of imagination not exactly." You the leather case put back.

Both men climbed to the rails high and searched the surroundings with her binoculars. Finally, they went to them opposite direction.
"Walking you now with me food?", I asked them.
"No thanks", said them. "I fast. How you can think in such a situation generally of food. You have cash also nothing and them Credit cards are probably stolen!" The comic of this situation brought me to the laughter and the funniest was that she colaugh.
"Lady, why you fast? Nevertheless, they are superslender", I asked when I had coming again to breath.
"Biology survival strategy", she said and let me think about this computer word. "Fixed idea", she continued. "I fast, as long as, until I have sold my next work. I am a forming artist."
"Ah,", i said, as if I had understood something. "And if nobody buys one?", I asked.
"Then...", they put on an as sweet as sugar smile. "Starving I just, darling. If in your history a sparklet is truth, die, nevertheless, also for your ideals." A moment her idealism shamed me. If one the orgasm when contemplates small death was even right they.
"If the police amounts, it will find this already out", said them. "This says me my female intuition. Believe, that they Their humbug will believe?" With haughty smile and triumphing view scrutinised them me.
"Which police?", I asked. "To faith you really that the taxi driver calls the police?"
"Yes of course!", she exclaimed.
"I have given him my clock, so that he does not do it!"

She snapped audible at air. "Then are these two men probably my last chance to escape from THEM", said them and got up, as far as with the handcuffs and me on the ground was possible. Both men came back from the railway track and looked round searching.
"Hello, please wait you...", she shouted loudly. "Now can scrape out you to her enemy the eyes", said them smiling to me.
Both men had stopped in view of the calls and looked in our direction. Of course Winston had sent them. Nevertheless, thus it seemed to me too easy. With reluctance I gave up the coverage. We shut to them and I recognised Winston's secretary. When he recognised me, he hurried joyfully towards us: "Sir. "
"Sebastian Smith", i said in a hurry and shook the presented hand.
"We are informed", he said. "At the airport the carriage stands for them. The pocket is untraceable." He nodded to the lady: "Is sorry me!"

Meanwhile we were up to the bones sops and my companion it looked from minute by minute unhappier. She was quiet and made way to my view. We went to the car and sank exhausted on the back seat. The way ended on the one hand on a camping place, nobody there had found the pocket or even had seen and on the other side on the high street. Their desperate view caused to me light uneasiness and it acted to me almost suffer from this damned pocket..... On the other hand...... She leant back, hit her marvellous legs about one another, pulled with sharp fingers a package cigarettes from the boot out, surprisingly dry had remained, pushed carelessly between the lips and looked at me requesting.
"I thought you do not smoke", i said when I passed her fire what succeeded only after countless attempts. She passed the cigarettes to me.
"Wanting you?", she asked. besides, "What I have forgotten, is a saying: If you give a small finger, if you lose a whole hand. You can keep them. Any more I do not have to offer!" You laughed bitterly and looked strictly from the side window.

Everything what she could offer me, she still had with herself. There I was sure. Meanwhile, the secretary called lost property offices and police. Without success.
"We make good of course the damage", i said. Who always we were also.
"This might be impossibly", said them." Two years of hard work you have thrown from the window. From the computer and the camera completely to are quiet. My whole life energy is in it."
"We find a way", I appeased them.

"Sir", said the secretary.
"Mr. Smith", I corrected.
"Mr. Smith, would not like you to get rid first of all of these stupid things?" He asked, with a gesture on the handcuffs.
"They are non trouble", I answered.
"Absolutely!", the lady stepped.
"They are a guarantor for your security!"
"If I get rid of THEM, nothing more endangers certainly my security!"
"You must rest and take a bath", I talked to them.
"And in your champagne bottles are there chemical agents in it?", she asked cynically. "If you the bottles already all the time carry along!"
Instead of an answer, I pulled one of the bottles out, she undid and a vague bang brought the side disc for cracking. The champagne ran to her through the dress and ran in her thigh down. He was probably shaken thoroughly a little bit.
"Now this cannot concuss me any more", said them, attached the bottle and drank some trains. "On your damned native country!" Laughing dumped the rest of the bottle about my step. I was horrified some seconds, nevertheless, my version immediately regained.
"What imagine you, how does it go on?", then she asked.
Yeah, Babe I stretch slowly from... enjoys any minute and.... look for the moment what puts thus everything still in the boots.
"Ähm, we procure something for pulling for you and what you need, otherwise, and controlled the search for the pocket", i said.
"And your pursuers?", she asked. "Have resolved in air?"
"Shaken off!", I answered and looked to the control by the rear window.

The secretary who had got my plan drove us for a ladies' fashions business where of his view make purchases after women. He promised to look after the search for the pocket and to deposit a cipher for the handcuffs in Winston. Around him Carriages I would look later myself. For the case that I would not succeed in reaching the carriage he gave me a card file Winston's address. She seemed to question my competence not further. The fact that she needed fresh clothes, was incalculable.
The disgruntled behaviour of the shop assistant's channels, in view of our dirty clothes and the handcuffs, her more surely and my left arm connected by chill steel, overturned in friendly auxiliary readiness, - after I laid my credit card on the table. The lady knew exactly what she wanted. She enumerated what she needed and the small ant-hill of shop assistant's channels composed itself in Movement.
"Where from take you with your important mission still the time for this shopping stroll?", she asked amused.
I had opened the second bottle of champagnes and she drank a gulp.
Oh, Winston, you will forgive me!
"Point of honour", i said. "I am ready for every victim."
"Then must take away you now the champagnes with me", said them.
I did not know immediately, what that is. Nevertheless, followed her when I understood the sense, on the ladies' loo and turned towards her the back. I had to whistle, so that her water ran. The comic of the situation brought to us both to the laughter. I was tied up, in the most true sense of the computer word, for the first time by a woman. By the fitting she could not pull, because of the handcuffs, her dress not completely from and another completely. I had to turn round, however, a view on her almost undressed body, has beguiled certainly completely my senses. We had cut the jacket without further ado.
Nice gazelle, the catches of the hunter are certain to you.
She decided fast what she liked and quite short time later I allowed to send the things to Winston's house.

We gave up ourselves in a taxi to the airport.
"Only Cash, man!", however, the lady still had cleanly, folded light in the boot.
I discovered the carriage immediately.
"You must go", i said and shook the handcuffs.
She shook the head. "I am got drunk", said them.
"Then must sit you on my lap", i said.
She shook even more energetically the head.
"Today my driving licence I cannot lose any more, you have thrown that today morning already from the window and the police is certainly not the worst what can meet me even today."
She opened the driver's door and sank on the seat. "Jaguar well fits to my dirty dress", she said.
I climbed about them away the front passenger seat.
"However, this is not a standard", she said with a view on the connectors. nevertheless, "your Mr. X seems to be existent."
When I solved the security barrier with my left thumb on the touchpad, it really made a surprised face. The dashboard computer started to work immediately. In the display appeared a computer word: "Home?" I confirmed. The engine started and a mechanical voice gave the direction of the traffic.
"Being able this car are also driven without computer?", asked the lady.
"Nevertheless, certainly", I answered. "However, then we do not find the headquarters."
Well knowingly the fact that, the most central is his bed in Winston's flat absolutely.

My nice companion went quickly and concentrated, the computer instructed and I observed them. The sun seemed, in the meantime, and I enjoyed the journey in the open carriage. She seemed submerged in thoughts and I hardly think that it was really got drunk.

"As a compensation could recite you with her president for me that it is allowed to me, a projection on the white house to make", she said, finally. "Or serve you the crown, sir?", she added smiling.
"Projection?", I asked.
"Images", said them.
"I will do my most possible", i said, nevertheless, had no notion what she spoke of. We had arrived in Winston's house. The garage gate opened automatically and she parked the carriage. The secretary already expected us. He had procured a cipher for the handcuffs. About 5 hours ago she had chained me and when we solved the gang, a strange melancholy wore out me. I still asked the secretary to procure some boxes of champagnes and other culinary pleasures. From the pocket still no track.

"Where is the bath?", she asked and got stuck to the phone.
"Whom call you?", I asked gruffly and interrupted the circuit.
"Karl", she said, surprised in view of my tone.
"You do not understand what it is here about!" I said. "Nobody should know your place of residence!"
"You do not understand what it is here about!", she answered. "You not even ask for the content of my pocket, revolutionise my future on uncertainty and want to prohibit me yet the phoning? Do you accuse me now of the conspiracy?" The rage redness stood in her face, her eyes sparkled wildly and every muscle of her body was tightened. Nice cat - prepares for the attack?

At this moment there rang the phone. I took the listener. Winston was on the apparatus. "Wow, Sunny, still no 24 hours in Germany and already is an extremely interesting, female creature as my secretary says, tied up from you."
"We could shake off the pursuers", i said laughing and looked in her eyes. She studied carefully my facial play and I kept back another laughter. "The protective-ordered refuses to reveal her identity. If you can assure her, that I about all competence disposes. 23 ends." I passed the listener to her. While she to that what Winston her told one listened in stood there they perfectly straight, a hand carelessly on her pelvic bone supported.
"In order", she said after some time that I already asked myself what Winston told all the time and hung up.
I looked at them expectantly.
"Who was always on the phone, said me, I have to do to you the unconditional Trust give. All possible for human would be done to procure my property back. For the case that this would not succeed, if the damage is made good. I can go any time and if I do not trust to you, these three vases there", them pointed with the hand to a glass shelve, "Take, or the carriages. He has even explained to me how I reprogram the computer. However it is my matter, when I in the wrong hands gets."
She dropped herself exhausted on a couch: "Have found you, in the meantime, a bathroom?"
I had even already carried the packages in the bath.
She disappeared in the bath and when I followed her after some time, - I had discovered one more bottle of champagnes, she lay in the bath, to to the neck in bath foam. The long clean-shaven! Laying legs lasciviously above the tub edge, she stretched the hand after the glass of champagnes from.
"What think you, how does it go on?", she asked.
Oh yes, I will take you and enjoy myself in your meat.
"I would go with pleasure with you for food", i said.
"You Have nothing OTHER, as food in the sense?"
"I am responsible for your security, until the matter with the pocket is fixed and for you no more risk exists", if i said certainly. "And I am very hungry!"
"You mean this seriously when you said that you fast, as long as to you really sell a work", I asked. "Then sell you to me one."
"You already have a mountain debts with me and, besides, unfortunately, I also have just nothing."
"Then paint you to me one", i said and attacked to return immediately with pencil and slip of paper. "Two years of work are able a lot and also be a little. What do you earn in one year? One quarter, half a million?", I asked with interest.
Instead of an answer she laughed only. She scrawled something and passed the sheet to me. It was a line little man on the fact that threw a suitcase.
"$ cash cash", said them. "Washing you my things from and you dry my boots."
She swung her empty glass and I gave her after. Their laundry lay on the ground. I lifted them, kept them under the nose and deeply soaked up her smell.
"Hmh, you well smell", i said, directed my view on her eyes. She was not put. Laughed only. I washed out her clothes as it instructed me, it hung up to the dry. Did mend towels into her boots, - nothing more in it? - and laid them to the dry about the palms. If music hung up, filled a check. My things had already come. The champagne also. I squeezed the oranges for which she, the secretary had asked and swept back in the bath.
I could not find only one damned dollar.
"Orange juice and your guarantee", reached her check and glass.
"This cannot be your seriousness", said them when she had a look at it. "This is abstruse and unlikely. Ennobles absurdness."
"There is only one problem", i said. "I have no dollar."
We broke out both in laughter.
She drank juice and let herself postgive champagne.
"Abstraction of the reality", said them. "The more I drink from this sparkling wine, the clearer become to me the inconsistencies", she said. "You obey with her mud-crusted trousers, Sebastian Smith, like a lackey. I have not even said request, pass to me one Check, one million, no problem like you say. I am tensely what there may still coming." You lolled about in the tub, laid the check on the filing and crossed the arms behind the head.
Winston, she also carries no shoulder hair!
Slowly I got undressed the things. She looked by no means irritated. She lolled about once more and I to me, with her radiation, only by immense mind strain the slat kept back. Naked I stopped before her.
"You are strong a nice man... and soo...", she said laughing.
Quick I went under the shower. No, I will not thump them immediately. A hunter must present proudly his prey. The views of the other they devour. More desire profit.
After the shower I wrapped myself a towel around and compose myself on the tub edge that I could look down on them.
"Walking you now with me food?", I asked.
"Only if you leave now the space" said them.
Babe, I want to see you naked. With reluctance I followed to her request, left the space, put on evening cloakroom and an eternity waited. If I had never held before, the metamorphosis of a nice woman, in a still nicer, for possible, I saw now this with mine to own eyes. From the wet cat, smooth Jaguar had become. "You look fantastic", I received them. With elegant hip-swing she strode up to me. The dress - of course red - cuddled up silky to her figure. Their eyes softly emphatically. The lips wine-red. The long legs in silky, red socks and the slender feet in red pump. "Lying to you the men in droves at feet", I did not ask.
She looked searching at her feet and shook the head. "So far I can judge this, nobody!" Laughing we went out.

I led them in a small Japanese restaurant that, thanks of Winston computer can be found. Food.
The covetous, greedy views of the men, on my nice companion amused me. We chose a table. A waiter brought card files. She ordered water, I wine.
"About which would like to talk you", asked them, after we had taken a seat. "Art, sex, politics or religion?"
"Destiny", i said.
She turned to me her whole attention. Ignored men at whom they stared and deeply looked to me in the eyes. "How is him your definition for destiny.", she asked
"A little bit what is predetermined to the human. A higher power...", i said.
"Do not mean you rather talents which we ourselves steer? In the destiny I do not believe", she said. "This would be called, that we everybody hopelessly would be lost. If I had taken a later train, now I would sit certainly somewhere else."
"Why have taken you then no later train?", I asked.
"Because I anyway on time - coming - wanted", she said and laughed. The ambiguity had not escaped me. She leant back calmly. The silky material stretched over her breasts and she hit the legs sidelong from me away, about one another. The red socks gleamed silvery in the candle light. A waiter took up our order. A full menu for me and for them only fruit. His eyes got caught immediately on her legs and from me caught, he darted of it.
"To faith you then in destiny?", she asked.
"I owe God that he has provided with a so nice companion to the fulfilment of my mission to me" i said. Unbelievingly she looked at me. "In God We trust", i said. "This do all straight Americans. So it stands also on every dollar on it." You gave a laugh and looked immediately embarrassed.
"To throw my pocket from the train being with your mission urgently?", she asked.
Apart from the fact that the pocket offended my aesthetic feeling and the woman in the red dress me by reserve and Beauty irritated?
"Absolutely", i said. "All enemy's movements were steered on the pocket, so that the mission has run up to now promising."
"Being called this that your potential enemy has found my pocket?"
Their view was almost afraid and carefully it looked round in the restaurant.
"This we try to find out just", i said. "Here you need to fear nothing, the surroundings are protected. "
"About which it goes?", she asked.
"Microchips", i said fast.", Nevertheless, better you forget this fast. The less you know.... "
"... The surer for you", she interrupted me. "My address is in the pocket, a computer, disks, texts. "
"Then it is better, you remain some days under our protection."
Wow, according to an elation, I had not felt long. The more pertinaciously I stuck to the history, the real this play seemed to me.
A waitress brought us dishes. Their eyes touched themselves with a view. They smiled and the waitress wished us a good one Appetite.
My appetite was not to be satisfied with food.
"To fear something having I if I return home", she asked. Their whole body tensed up and she bent to me over.
"Not, as long as you stand under my protection! "

"Knowledge you", said them. "If I run through a flower meadow and only one single excrement heap on it is, I can be sure, that I in-enter. "
"Wish you collate me with an excrement heap?", I asked laughing.
"No, rather the destiny", she said. Thoughtfully she leant back and peeled an orange. "I am confused that I must admit", said them, turned completely of her orange. "That you have produced this to go with me for food, however, seems to me too abstract. "
I choked almost in the bite.
"Being the punk also one of her people?", she asked, looked me and poked with the knife about the orange. In her eyes I could read that it wished that I would be the orange.
"No, this was not planned", I answered and tried a charismatic smile.
Without another computer word she got up, moved to go.
"Where want you?", I asked. "I accompany you! "
"To the toilet what you think? "
With provocative hip-swing, it walked through the restaurant. If a computer word with the waitress spoke and went up a stair. My view was not the only one who stuck to her. The waitress looked briefly to me over and whispered with a waiter. I jumped up and stormed the stair up, behind. Should she still escape from me? I computed a desperate moment with a rear exit. She stood on a phone. I had given her one fright. I tore the listener from the hand from her and hung up. "With whom have called up you?", I asked gruffly. Their body shook, I laid to her reassuringly the hands on the shoulders. By the material Of dress I could feel her shivering.
"I have warned my partner", said them, looks me in with crystal-clear view.
"Your man? "
"My best friend! He lives in the same house. "
"Sleep you with him? "
"Sleep you with her best friend? "
"No", said them.
"No", i said.
"With it we would be with the sex", she said. "Being able to do I now wide phoning? "
"If you immediately to me return", I answered and went back to our table. My jumping up had woken up the interest of the guests and now the views stuck to me. Satisfied about this small dramaturgy I further devoted myself to food. Some time later she walked the stair down and returned to the table. Their erotic radiation seemed not only my imagination to inspire. Older man at the next table, she seemed to depart with eyes. I stared at him some time, until he me noted and move he turned away. Let only surreptitious views wander.
"Surprising to itself your partner?", I asked.
"He is never surprised", she answered and worked on an other fruit with the knife. "If this is a mesh, it is not only costly, but also actual.", Finally, she put aside the knife.
"Besides, money plays no role to protect the respect of your country in the eyes America", i said patronising. "The clarification from My destiny seems to mismanagement to be", I added.
"Food and destiny seem to have immense significance for you", she said and sipped at her water glass. "With the Chinese is called it women of my year, born in the character of the fire horse, if brought chaos and confusion where they also went. Sometimes I is to be believed slantwise this. However, luckily we are not in China. "
"I think you on the computer word that you bring confusion", i said to her. "For chaos provide you with certainty only surely if the women have got her men again home. Food seems to have for you generally no meaning "
", Nevertheless, of course", said them.
"Eaters full of pleasure are lovers full of pleasure", i said.
"Who is always full, has sometime no more appetite. If you are one eater full of pleasure?", she asked.
She could also have asked whether I am a lover full of pleasure.
"I search the tastiest little pieces out "For myself, i said. "Only my appetite would be better if not all greedy views were around us. "

She got up. "Let you to us go to a bar", breathed them. "My noble protector. Weak female submits to strong one Man. "Your sarcasm was not to be failed to hear. I wanted to pay food - "Only to Cash, man "- and my companion moved, where from also always, a cleanly folded light out and paid the calculation. We visited a bar and also here, allowed to protect languishing views me, my prey jealously. A guy wanted to request them for the dance and a view of me was enough that he made off immediately.
"This was a destiny", she said. "Places to stay sex, art, religion and politics. "
"Me bores everything what one can buy", i said. "This is my religion. "
"Then might be bored you terrifically what can you not buy? "
"The prickle of the blood with my missions. The adventurousness, the daring call of the heart. Sublimity about illusions. "
"An adventure hero from a stereotype novel?", she asked. "Which role, have you intended for me then? Victim or enemy? "You fixed about the bar away a man with her eyes and when this she noted, he stared unrestrained back. I broke to me a small moment long the head about how it probably clerked it to attract immediately the attention to herself. "You sound really poetic", she said and turned to me again her full attention.
"You are the victim of political tensions that I must admit", i said with serious look.", Nevertheless, the facts are anyway not to change any more. However, we should change anyway the scene. My best friend has by our last application almost his woman lost. "Unnerved linked arms them with me, sank a view by the bar. I wanted to pay the calculation. Only Cash, man. She paid the drinks, with one, where from also always, cleanly to folded light. We returned to the carriage and in Winston's flat. The secretary had left communication. The pocket had still disappeared. And if we needed him, a number.

We lighted a fire in the chimney. Imagined me soon in the aim of my wishes. My nice fire horse, will point you what a cowboy is able to do. I opened a bottle of champagnes. She lazed on the cushions before the chimney.
"If you everything bores what you can buy, want you to buy me then, so that I bore you? Is this your religion? "You looked at me requesting and solved her mop of hair. I was a moment dumbfounded about her accuracy.
"No, do not understand me wrong "I decided to go to the defensive. "This was meant personally. A satisfaction about one The thing which one can buy lasts only as long as, until one has them. Then she is uninterested. We (?!) try only your damage to substituted and to check everything by skilled hands. Otherwise, it could be that you get in the wrong hands. "
"This is of strong Tobak", she said and this reminded me of the fact that I had smoked no cigarette since hours.
I searched a package for cigarettes and lighted to me.
"The only one what is underpinned the truth compensation of your history", she paused with the speech and looked me perky, "... that they a good-looking man are. "
"Like you mean this?", I asked.
"I stand still under shock", she said. "Being you an ugly man, I would maybe have got a shout cramp. "I laughed, in view of the image that maybe the stiff collar tears open such a bride. "I can hardly imagine that a man like you needs to impress a woman with such an image. "you lolled about on the cushions. With devotion I would have rushed best immediately at them. What said they hardly fitted to her body language. She swung to me her empty champagne glass against.
"Commercial products destiny, religion and politics", said them. "Places to stay sex and art. "
"What make you for art?", I asked to coming then on the real subject.
"You have thrown the last two years from the window. What makes I now is a good question. "You rose and put on quiet music.
"And sex?", I asked.
"Sex!", she said. "With it we would be again with politics. As a logical human and emancipated woman I would have to go before your macho-like kind run away. As a female I find you attractive and as a bitch you make me cool. "Your directness stimulated me. She got undressed the shoes and stretched and stretched her limbs. How a cat who begins to the chink. She seemed to me puzzling and desirable. "If everything is so mysterious, why you wanted to go then absolutely with me for food?", she asked. Her mental leaps confused me.
"With it everything wakes up the appearance of the harmlessness", I explained. "Of case we have been observed, we have scattered with it all doubts. "
"And your appearance on the phone", she asked, stopped before me and let softly in time to the music her hips circle. I twitched only the shoulders.
"I am sorry This! "
"Why have asked you me whether do I sleep with my partner? "Now where she asked me this, I knew no answer to it. "Being for your mission of importance? "As she expects no answer, it went to the music shelve, studied the cover and laid another Music on. "For what wanted to engage you me?" She further asked, in spite of that that I had not answered the other questions.
"If you are an artist, as an artistic leader."
"As you asked me this, you did not know this! "
I lay back comfortably in the soft cushions and observed them carefully. She came back, placed herself before me, theirs moved Silk trumps from and threw down them on me. "Back to the art", said them.
"Art is mostly a garbage", i said. "Maybe can get you me a new art understanding. "
"No", she said, "From whole heart agree I to you. What for one elixir of life, is for other only one piece of paper! "
"Now sound you poetic! "
"Nevertheless, Just artist, this should inspire me. "
She opened a new bottle of champagnes and gave me and herself after. The fire beat and the nice woman went over and over again, how a tiger in the cage around.", Actually, I must be to you thankfully", said them. I looked them, tensely what she would immediately say. "You have me with suitcase power in the real life back-catapulted. Art is a garbage, money, religion for you. What means to you sex? "
"Sex is art, religion and politics", I answered.
"Also garbage? "
A moment I was surprised by her mental results.
"No, rather destiny", i said what might always also be called.
"Destiny", they laughed mockingly. "As me a young woman was... "
What did to the devil she believe then now to be?
"... has prophesied to me somebody that I became only 23. I have become older. So much to destiny. A small moment today, I believed to have got really, in a conspiracy... 23 ends. "
Nice flower, prepare you to the picking. She minced to the cadence of the music and stroked her long legs. Their provocative movement stirred up me, my senses pulsated and my masculinity had totally awoken.
"Nice strangers, the destiny has passed you to me and in my position it is to be questioned indescribably this. "I shook the cushions to the request. "Relaxation you to itself. If you me wide questions, I must suspect you really of the conspiracy. "I had all threads in the hand again. The nice beast would immediately rush at me. She drank up her glass of champagnes and gave herself after.
How many champagnes can a woman drink, so that she does not fall unconsciously to ground? The more drunkenly she became, the more soberly she seemed to become!
"Then what have shaven legs with all close?", she asked and put a leg on my chest.
"This is a character signal", answered I and wrap-around her narrow chain. The legs, were silky soft and I started to stroke them.
"Stir up I?", she asked.
what question!
"You are the most sharp what I have seen in this country. "
She solved her leg from my embrace and went away some steps of me.
"About which illusion want to be elated you?", she asked.
"To give everything about the fact that only Americans are ready, for the respect of her country. "You looked in amazement. Whether did she see through the play? "What your intuition says you?", I asked, on this imaginary women's syndrome alluding to.
"You are a riddle "to me, she said and overthrew the rest of her glass down. "This morning I was still a serious artist, nothing is more importantly than the work and where do I find myself? "You poured out itself anew." "As a bitch in heat in a spy novel?"
I laughed at the image which it gave about itself.
"Contemplates you me as a compensation", i said. Their eyes sparkled in the firelight. Their shade minced on the wall.
"You bring me in a difficult situation", she said. "To Me becomes quite dizzy of it. Logos says me that I should run away..., then everything is lost.... Cupid says me that I should rush at them..., then I am lost... "
What you hesitate nice artist... I felt the crackling energy in the air. She inserted a new cassette and started to dance before me. Their dance fascinated me. Wiry she stretched the arms, sank down. Waves her arms and legs flowed through. She minced on me to, lured me, the view unavoidably on me directed. Presented her hands, swinging in time of the music. If she allowed to back-slide to her body. She turned away from me, moved to go for herself. Around immediately with swing slide back. I deeper leant in the cushions and let the wonderful dance work on myself. Their dance made them even more desirable. I soaked up them with the eyes. Their wild dance, brutally and seeming at the same time. I seemed to devour them with the eyes. And as if she stumbled, she dropped herself tripping, laughing beside me in the cushions.
"What this is for a dance?", I asked the view on her lips fixed.
"The fight between logos and Cupid", said them. "In the centre stands them: the woman. Cupid has won. Logos is dazed by the champagne. "Laughing she kissed me on the mouth. "I have immense appetite", she said. The passion awoke. We fell on each other.
"Legends you once again to me", i said pausing.
"What?", she asked, fixed the nice eyes on my mouth.
"Arrival you! "
"Arrival you?", she says laughing. "Arrival you! "Nice cat, cerium International Space Station my shirt in scrap. Stormily I tore from her the dress of the body. Shaking before animal desire. Their body bent before passion. Oh sweet gazelle, hunter's catches have clung in you. There's no going back. Their white meat in red carat. Beguiling and vice-like at the same time. Their sweet breasts shook before excitement. My stormy kisses electrified them at the same time. I penetrated into them.
"I am still a virgin", she whispered to me in the ear.
Unbelievingly I stepped back.
"Small joke", whispers them. Their marvellous laughter illuminates me. A rhythmical quake. Reach the summit of the desire.
"I pass... I die away.", she whispers to me in the ear. "Oh, yes, this is wonderful." You groaned and cheered, released itself willing and. Ride me like a queen, submitted like a servant, rushed at me, how a tigress. My nectar flowed into her cup. I do not know what intoxicated me more, her computer words of the desire, her sweet meat. I have desired every centimetre of her body, have kissed every centimetre. Every cabinet of my body electrifies. I died dozen deaths. Their expert fingers, her tongue and her body always kindled new glow. Their eyes sparkled with desire. A snake and cat at the same time. Oh, wonderful arse.
"Cupid is hungry", she said. "I had two years no sex."
I hardly believed her this. She went for naked on the balcony.
"I succumb to a mad dream", she said when I followed her, however, a ceiling took. "If I wakes I will notice, that I in Train have fallen asleep. "We loved each other in the standing position, reeled again in. If champagnes drank, ate fruit and sucked dear wine. Ecstatically freely from space and time. She touched, enticed and made me angrily at the same time. I leaked and loved and thumped them at the same time. Their thighs, my paradise. She consumed my desire. We philosophised and fucked and shook at the same time.
With the coitus she has celebrated to me poems. Body and computer word in the rhythm at the same time............. For I in divided for of love' see sake, for the chance of union...
........... and over and over again she wakes my passion. Volcanic fire and earthquake equally. She soaked up me and I sank into her....

"23, contacts to the place", said Winston laughing. "I accept sometimes, your persuasivenesses have had success."
All of a sudden I became wide awake.
"Where is they?"
"Your companion? Away take I sometimes in", said Winston.
"Devil once more, I do not know sometimes her name! "
I jumped up, searched my clothes and already wanted to storm out naked.
"Sunny, they two hours are at least already away, as long as I am already here", said Winston. "You not even have them after her name asked? "Winston grinned.
"Devil once more. I have given way for three days, seldom more than 1 metre of her side. I must search them! "
"What is off Sunny where do you want to go? "This I myself did not know exactly. Where should I search them?
"If I would have drunk so many champagnes", said Winston grinning: "I myself would hold my mother for the most desirable woman of the world."
"Winston, you are my best friend. It is something else."
"You seems to have impressed you." Winston grinned and poured out whisky."You was good in the bed?"
"I have never loved a nicer woman, have thumped a wilder tigress or have fucked bigger whore. She has cited to me even poems!"
"Having you at least photos of her made?"
"On the idea I have not even coming." In bewilderment about the fact that she had simply gone away I treated myself to one more drink and told Winston the whole story. He laughed, until he fell of the chair. To me only one bitter grin remained.
"Academically seen", said Winston, after his fit of laughter was past: "Is the explanation: Biochemical pheromone bomb. If the sex attractants of two humans react chemically and the likelihood One is to A million, the bomb rises and the mind to the devil. If a woman from the head does not go for me, I rush in work, or... she marries."
"In addition I must find again them for the moment!"
Now Winston was to be amazed in the row."From you? Then, Sunny, so incredibly this also sounds: you have fallen in love."
"You has certain something. The ultimative woman. I have seen them. I want to have them!"
Winston shook thoughtfully the head: "Poem-celebrating sex beast in request. If she allows to arrest if she cashes the cheque!"
I fell in the bath. The check still lay there.

Now my last night with the beauties is two weeks. Beauty, wild artist, has confused my heart. I hang around since then at railway stations. I have driven already so often by rail Hamburg Berlin that the conductors already greet. Detectives brought no results. Has visited so many galleries that I am already nearly one expert for modern art. A book about Chinese astrology read. Naked sex Appeal, my nice fire little horse, wealth without security stands there, black on white. If it gallops, nevertheless, constantly to own luck behind. To impetuosity Passion. Will be founded a museum.
This morning I have met the blue shock of hair. I wanted to return him his handcuffs which I carry since then on myself.
"No, can you ones keep, the woman has brought me just now pair of new one."
"When was this? "
"Before two hours."
I attacked, to Winston's flat back.

When I arrived, Carol was furious, also just come, to mend her clothes again into the suitcase.
"What is wrong?", I asked.
"Winston!", she said."Told to me what by great love. Only I find stilettos and make-up stuff in the bath and then this slut was there."
"Which slut?", I asked, uncanny having a premonition.
"Superslender, with supershort red dress. If a photo, a calling card and Winston's coat returns me. Their pocket would still be away. She would have painted images for Sebastian Smith and to him forget her number to inform. The villain. He has fancied to ME years ago as WINSTON FUNGOD!"
"Carol WHERE is this card file?"
"That I have burnt with the photo in the chimney. Should he search his slut, nevertheless!" Carol stopped short when she understood: "YOU are Sebastian Smith?"
I fell to the chimney, however, everything what I found in the cinder, were small unburned red photo corners at whose back stood: LOGOSIEROS.

From the hunter the prey has become.

LOGOSIEROS. 1997. Sebastian Smith

Ex-construction engineer, ex-broker, ex-playboy, author looks........
............ wild, red fire horse.

© Copyright 2000-2022 by Steel and Color contemporary artist Sylvia Aevermann and Henning Block. Ateliers for present art, modern art.
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