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Henning Block & Sylvia Aevermann

Metal art torch runner. 1990. Metal art torch runner. 1990.

Art is what world becomes, not what world is.
art is a lie which says the truth.
art is the conscience of the humankind...

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Welcome to the world of the autodidactic, forming artists: Henning Block and Sylvia Aevermann

Painter Sylvia Aevermann. Steel dragon on the stubble field. Metal sculptor Henning Block. Artist: Painter Sylvia Aevermann

Artist: Metal sculptor Henning Block
On the following pages, the studio community presents to you Steel and Color one work show - gallery with many photographs and pictures of our works and ideas from the whole creating time.
Contemporary works, contemporary art of living artists.
Our disciplines enclose the art areas in the principal one:
Sculpture - metal sculpture, painting, belletrist, performance and installation.

Steel art: Iron plastic, abstract and naturalistic works, smith-iron dragons, unicorns, horses, dolphins, welding portraits.

We put to you one from the creativity and innovation arisen free form new for the art - air pressure modelling procedure before, which we have used to the creation of the dragons and horses.
Steel surface textures created and forms by the craft talent in the form of welding art, flame painting and flame font.

Art painting: Oil images, glass images, graphics, drawings, flame painting.
Day images - project: art, are, artifex! Fractals of the time collector.
Photo illustrated book - projects;
performance: Acid Light show; thoughts about art.

In short, a view in the myriads idea temple of the autodidacts of the forming art.
As young, art-creative, talents we introduce to you our artist's work place, as well as a portrait of the art-creative on her artist's work place.
To the transitoriness of the slow decay: A comfortingly commonality remains, between the viewer and the products and works of the studio community Steel & Color: If the works from still may in such a way be to solid iron and steel, for the infinity are both not created.

Current affair: Biker metal wall pictures as wall decoration
Led Biker metal wall pictures

Current affair: Video Mission-possible.
daily task 24h Pop Art painting


Current affair: colored sheet steel metal palms.
Now also in variables sizes upon 60cm, 120cm, 360cm.
colored sheet steel metal palms garden-sculptures

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