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Steel & Color: Omnipotismus. Also Omniportismus or Optiportismus called. A new one shape the present art.
Steel & Color: Quotations. Anthology of quotations of artists, art critics, scientists, authors and play-act. Words over art, some definitions plus more. Anthology of quotes to exact; to ask for quotations. Some horrible, some terrible, some craze, some Sweet, some true. Monolingual: English-only.
Steel & Color: Painting courses Experimental painting.
Steel & Color: Film script christmas crime film comedy Omegalpha Ztt08. Monolingual: Only German.
Steel & Color: Film script christmas crime film comedy Omegalpha Ztt08. Bilingual: German-English.
Steel & Color: Shooting script christmas crime story thriller Omegalpha Ztt08. Monolingual: Only in english.

Video: 1 Quantum Oil
1 Quantum Oil. Steel & Color: Video film editing on the occasion of the ecocatastrophe on the oil drilling platform Deep Water Horizon in the gulf of mexico.
Runtime 4:34 min.

Video: Clip over the human race
Clip over the human race. Steel & Color: Video montage to the crown of the creation. Runtime 4:45 min.

Video: Be Nice To Me
Be Nice To Me. Steel & Color: Video montage in the Vincent van Gogh-style. Runtime 3:11 min.

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S.F. Digital Paintings Artworks 2011 Gallery Google+.
Digital painting on the computer. Photomontages digitally of painted images as motives for the poster expression on canvas. As a reasonable subsoil, basis, for postpainting with real oil paint.
youtube-zorrost.jpg Video channel at YouTube.
Vimeo-zorrost.jpg Video channel at Vimeo.

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Verdi - media IG - pressure and paper, journalism and art. information about the trade union of the artists and journalist, exhibition fees, copyrighting law amendment and the state of the culture in the 21st century.

The  million bubble.jpg The million bubble.
Ben on the traces of the vitamin connections. A film about the art collectors who control the market - artists who buy her own art to increase her market value and the strange tracks of vitamin connections in the art.

There other dragons still flutter through the net. - Dragons in the mythology, in legends, fairy tales and in the art.

Wonder and improbabilities
The white
Lower House of the German Federal Parliament
Federal government
Time is money, art = capital
HTML, software and Know How
Mr. Honey's - business dictionary German - English
PhD Web. Web know-how, for the humans who themselves want to form web pages

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