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Thoughts on art

The beginning of all things lies, so to speak, in thither in the form of ideas which must still only coming for the realisation. But in the creative the force also lies to lend shape to these prototypes of the ideas.
Quotation Goethe: "God gives the nuts, but he does not bite them auf". Weimar, in 1811.

Psychographics - battle of the sexes. 1994. A universally valid art term which owns validity for good and works cannot be maintained.
What as an art was looked and will own, is depending on the respective scales, in an epoch a validity.
human art activity goes back far back in prehistoric time. Since the Stone Age she freely assumes available time.
What does a human to make art?
at first sight there, the truth is seldom to be recognised. The second time one looks there, even more seldom. Does art on the mainspring let itself any human activities, at the creation will to move something at the wish go back?
Shred - a confrontation
The aggressive drive---The life expectancy
The expectations---The Life position
The deformation---The life content
The shape acceptance---The fame
The goal setting---The freedom
The determination---The lack of knowledge
The subsistence---The discipline
The perseverance---The maturity
The prosperity---The status
The bank of experience---The term
The use---The impressions
From the claim---The Advancement
The sense change---The event
The property---That toughening
The occasion---The perseverance
The exchange---To cumulation
The mastery---The self-possession
The convolution family---To deconvolution
The passivity---The emboss
The activity---The entrails resistance
The respect---The expert evaluation
The need---The confession
The desire---The promise
The tolerances---The constancy
The desire---a unconscious
Noticeable might---The antagonism
The adherence---The relinquishing
Knowledge is power---Time is money
Know might---Time to money

More light!

Some human has a big fire in his soul.
Vincent van Gogh

The failure is a furious, dangerous queue. She tries to strangle relentlessly the authentic and original in the artist.
Robert Walser

Three things are it which threaten the further development of an artist: Complacency, resignation and bitterness.
Maurina Zenta

Only that can be an artist who has own religion, an original elevation of the infinite.
Friedrich von Schlegel

Images without frame are like a soul without body.
Vincent van Gogh

Every art requires a whole human life.
Wilhelm Furtwangler

If the humans really knew what is true art, they would undergo with pleasure every trouble to reach to her.
Friedrich Hoelderlin

Only dead painters are immortal.
Jane Adorjan

The big pieces of art border on the one hand on the empire of the love, on the other hand, to that of the death.
Otto Heuschele

The art is understood in the decline which turns from the representation of the passion to that of the vice.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

In the art like in the life only the continuance has what is good.
Paul E. Maxheimer

A piece of art which has been taken in the middle from the life is absent just there.
Werner Schneyder

Everything is art, so long one comes through with it.
Marshall MacLuhan

Every art is valid if one needs theirs.
Czech adage

Art is what survives the artist.
Gerhard Uhlenbruck

Art is what is not able everybody.
Ernst Fuchs

Who does not practice the art, it soon loses.
German adage

Two belong to every art: one to which she makes, and one which needs them.
Ernst Barlach

More content, less art.
William Shakespeare

The last secret of the art will be always concealed to those which love the truth more than the beauty.
Oscar Wilde

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