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Art painting - pictures

Digital painting Smash.

Novelist and artist Sylvia Aevermann. The creation of a piece of art denoteds to 30% of joy and to 70% of desperation.
If it to the joy stands firm, is preserved of the future generations.

News: Picture Dog portrait painting Video documentation Creation of a dog portrait Oil painting after photo template.

Dog Portrait Painting Modern Painting. Oil paint on canvas based on a photo template. On request also for you in approx. to one week, varied depending upon motive election after an photo. Price 350-500 Euro.
Video: Creation of an: Dog portrait of Mascha after an photo template oil paint on canvas 80x60cm. Dog Portrait Painting Modern Painting. Oil paint on canvas based on a photo template. Runtime 2:07 Min.

Commissioned work on the occasion of the 3-year anniversary: Restaurant Taverna The Greek family Kotzagkiozes in Suderburg, naturalistic oil painting Scene by the sea.

Restaurant Taverna The Greek in Suderburg, naturalistic oil painting Scene by the sea on canvas. In the restaurant Taverna The Greek in Suderburg Tel.: 05826 3499983, naturalistic oil painting Scene by the sea on canvas. In the restaurant Taverna The Greek in Suderburg Tel.: 05826 3499983, naturalistic oil painting Scene by the sea on canvas.
Figurative painting, naturalistic style. 2020. commissioned work after photo template.

current affair: Image & video documentation development of a pop art oil painting of A.P.

Pop-Art-painting-of-A.P. Mission-possible Pop Art oil painting of A.P.. Runtime 2:00 Min.

Naturalistic oil-painting.
Oil-painting Tibet wool-terriers Lanny. Dog portrait Pepe. Oil-painting dogs portrait on canvas. Tibet terrier Lanny and Labrador hybrid to pep.
representational painting, naturalistic style. In 2012. Commissioned works after photo receiver.
Horse painting.
Modern style painting horse portrait. Leandras. Modern style painting horse portrait. Leandras. Leandras dreams from the ocean and horsewoman with horse in the loose-box.
Order work after photo presentation.

Water lily pictures.
Sea-rose pond in Giverny. Sea-rose pond in Giverny in autumn. Water lily pond in Giverny after Claude (Oscar) Monet and water lily pond in Giverny in autumn.
oil paint on canvas.

Dolphines - delfin painting. Oil paint on canvas.
Dolphin with Baby. 2014. Delphinidae interspecies romance. 2003. Delfin image. Delfin image. 2014. Delphinidae interspecies romance 2003 - 2014
Dolphins, in the field whales (plural cetaceans) called, already touch since thousands of years the heart of the humans. Loved from artists and gods as it were, the clever sea inhabitants already entered long ago the forming art and of course the religion. Who visits once the delfische oracle, will find at the entrance the computer words: Gnothi Seauton - Recognising yourself. The hunt on dolphins is immoral, and the human who reflects so willingly on the destruction of the dolphins cannot close to himself to the gods any more with welcome offering, still the altars with pure hands touch, but he brings all their curse which live with him under a roof. Since just as the murder of humans the gods abhor the death sentence for the kings of the deepness.
Oppian (2. Jh.n. Chr.), Halieutica.
Dolphin rider. 1997. Dolphines. 1997. Pod of dolphins. 2009. Delphinidae. 2009.

Dolphin societies are exceptionally a complex, and up to ten generations live with each other. Is it not conceivable that the brain of the dolphin information stores whose amount amounts to thousands tonnes of books in our libraries? Jalbalkow, Russian dolphin scientist, in 1970.
In the world of the mammals there are two mountaintops, one is the summit homo Sapiens and the other of the summits whales.
Horace Dobbs, on the traces of the wild dolphins. In 1977.
Okeanus - which is, nevertheless, the origin and beginning of all things.
Homer, Iliad 14 songs 246.

Video: Crack Your Brain
Crack Your Brain. Film assembly with the oil-painting "Delphinidae interspecies romance".
term 4:34 min.

Breakthrough of the colors.
Breakthrough of the color. 1995. Rainbows. Rainbows I. Rainbows II.

Psycho graphics.
Psychographics - face. 1994. Psychographics - face. 1994. Psychographics - face. 1994. Psychographics - lizard. 1994. Psychographics - Femina. 1994. Psychographics - FeminaII. 1994. Psychographics - drop. 1994. Psychographics - snake. 1994. This series of the psycho graphics was published from 1994 to 1996 as an illustration in a Tecno magazine. Originals: Drawings on paper. A4 / A2.
Psychographics - Femina III. 1994. Psychographics - Femina IV. 1994. Psychographics - FemMask. 1994. Psychographics - People transformation. 1994. Psychographics - circle of life. 1994. Psychographics - grid. 1994. Psychographics - Venus. 1994.
The psychographics face served as a artwork for 20 square metres of wall painting in the discotheque. In 1994.

Psycho graphics - Hypnotica.
Hypnotica. 100x100cm. 1990. Psychographics - Hypnotica. 1994. Psychographics - Hypnotica III. 1994.

Scriptol (indian ink) drawings on paper base.
Psychographics - humanely RACE, rapid amplification of cDNA ends. 1994. Psychographics - Hynotica. 1994. Rainbow woman. 47x34cm. 1988. Rainbow. 1988.

Human race - Hynotica II - rainbow woman - rainbow

Plant colours - painting on paper base.
Ways of the cognition. Plant color. 60x80cm. 1991. The visage. Plant color. 1990. waves of the time. Plant color. 80x60cm. 1991. Rose. Draconia. 1994.
Ways of the cognition - the countenance - waves of the time - rose - Draconia

Pastel chalk - painting on paper base.
The glimpse. 1994. Lime chalk. Lions gate. Lilith. Chinese chalk on paper. 50x70cm. 1985. The mask. Chinese chalk on paper. 50x70cm. 1989. Psychographics - phoenix. 1994.
The glimpse - with no title - Lions gate - Lilith - the mask - phoenix

Solar image cyclic - oil-painting.
Solar picture. 1995. Sun shade. 1995. webbed. 1995.
Solar picture - sun shade - webbed

Time cycle - oil-painting.
Time tunnel. 110x140cm. 1994. Time circle. 1994. time jump. 1994. Time snail. 1994. Space-time jump. 100x77cm. 1994.
Contemporary Oil illustrations - present art - time tunnel - time circle - time jump - time snail - space-time jump

Oil illustrations series.
In the time form - angel. 97x111cm. 1994. Woman in red. 1994. Spheres of the time. 125x61cm. 1994. The yellow heart. 1995. Cat's eye. 1995. Cat's eye. 1995.
In the time form: Angel - woman in red - spheres of the time - the yellow heart - cat's eye

Illusions. 56x120cm. 1989. Meditation Freedom. 1994.
Illusions - Meditation Freedom

Oil painting series - Logosieros - Pheromonia.
Pheromonia. 1997. Pheromonia II. 2012. LOGOSIEROS. 1997. S-ME-X 1997.
Pheromonia - Pheromonia II - Logosieros - S-ME-X

Jungle pictures.
Jungle illustration. 1993. Jungle. 1994. Jungle temple. 2000. Modern painting on paper - jungle cave. 1994.
Jungle illustration - jungle - jungle temple - jungle cave

Glass painting.
Modern painting behind glass summit wandering. Wings. Glass painting. In 1992. The death is a dandy. Glass painting. 1990. The death is a dandy. Glass painting. 1990. The death is a dandy. Glass painting. 1990. Sunrise. Glass window. 1992. Meditation. 1993. Color glow. Glass painting. 1991. Color glow. Glass painting. 1991. Color glow. Glass painting. 1991. Pub Window. Glass painting. In 1991. Color glow. Glass painting. 1991. Faces. Glass window. 1991. Shadow dance. Glass partition wall. 1998.

Glass painting denoteds not only the possibility to form glass surfaces, but also, to change the whole incidence of light of a space by the active manner. Painting on glass. In 1987 - in 1999. Modern painting behind glass: Summit wandering - Wings - The death is a dandy - detail - sunrise - meditation - colour glow - to face - shadow dance

Gouache and acrylic paintings.
His Story. 1990. Alpha and Omega. 60x86cm. 1990. Squirl.1997 The heavenly rider. 63x84cm. In 1991. The truth. 58x50cm. 1990.  Deep inside. 1994. Psychographics - Cuabana. 1994.
His Story - Alpha and Omega - Squirl - The heavenly rider - the truth - Deep inside - Cuabana
U-die-Chicago. BIRTH. 1989. Psychographics - Aesculap. 1994. Out of my Head. Psychographics - collector. 1994. Psychographics - civilisation. 1994. Reflow. Mementi. 1994. Smile of the Jack Nicholson. Fluorescent. 1991.
U-die-Chicago. BIRTH - Aesculap - out of mu head - collector - civilization - reflow - Mementi - smile of the Jack Nicholson
Psychographics - egypt. 1994. Psychographics - Time abstract Cubano. 1994. Psychographics - time abstract. 1994. Psychographics - Cubano I. 1994. Time tunnel spiral. Hill. 1994. Psychographics - Curtain fall. 1994.
Egypt - time abstract cubano - time abstract - Cubano I - time tunnel spiral - Hill - Curtain fall
Navel.1991. Psychographics - time float. 1994. Psychographics - all Luege. 1994. Future shock. Psychographics - Stairway. 1994. Geo.
Navel - time float

Wall painting.
Wall painting in the kitchen. Wall painting butterfly. 2015.
Wall painting in a kitchen - butterfly

Order work - oil-painting.
Captain. 1997. Act in Blue. Task work. Female nude. Task work. Female nude. Task work.
Captain - act in Blue - female nude

Fire and sun.
Video sculpture Mirror. Burning Witch. The torch runner. 1994.
Mirror - Burning Witch - the torch runner

Violet - Lilac.
Drama in Watercolor. Pheromone II. 1994. Pheromone. 1994. Hindu.
Drama in Watercolor - pheromone II - pheromone - hindu

Early plants.
Medusa. 50x70cm. 1987. Unconscious cry. 90x60cm. 1988. The noise of the surf. 1990. The noise of the surf II. Lions cemetery. 1990. Rodins dance. Rodins dance. Detail. 1985. Mirage. 1990.
Medusa - unconscious cry - The noise of the surf - The noise of the surf II - Lions cemetery - Rodins dance - mirage

Dragons and grottoes.
Dragon image. 1992. The cave. 1996. The cave. 1995. Charcoal drawing on paper 1990. Draconias. 1994.
Dragon image - the cave - sketch for the grotto - Draconias

Oil illustrations different genre.
Red angel. 1994./A> Psychographics - Angel. 1994. Tide swirl. 1994. Modern style surreal painting desert. Oil paints on wooden ground with cloud contour cut. 50x70cm. 1987. Woman by the window. 1995. Deoxyribonucleic acid.
Pondering red angel - fishing rod - tide swirl - desert - woman by the window - deoxyribonucleic acid
The V lovers. Oil paint on wooden ground. 1992. The V lovers. Oil paint on wooden ground. 1992. Psychographics - warp. 1994. Psychographics - wormhole. 1994. Joker. 1995. Religons. The fabricants. Oil paint on canvas cardboard. 50x75cm. 1995.
The V lovers - warp - wormhole - Joker - Religion - the fabricants
Psychographics - valhalla. 1994. The argonauts. 1995. Phase blue. 1993. Act in red. 1993. Scarlet-red woman. 1993. Green velvet. Red angel. 1994. The flight of the Daedalus. Mayan. Rotary picture. 80cm. 1992.
Valhalla - the argonauts - phase blue - act in red - cardinal woman - Green velvet - the flight of the Daedalus - Mayan

Ink pictures - water colours.
Sentence. Jokers. Psychographics - Beach-Fun. 1994. Psychographics - battle of the sexes. 1994.
Sentence - Jokers - Beach-Fun - battle of the sexes

Colored pencil drawings.
When remains piano player. Curtain. 1994. Piano player. Pencil-portrait.
When remains piano player - Curtain - piano player Blixa Bargeld and the woman in the red gown - pencil portrait

Gold fever.
Psychographics - Golden gate. 1994. Psychographics - Big Bird. 1994. Psychographics - Goldrain. 1994. Gold-green.
Golden gate - big Bird - Goldrain - Gold-green

Present art different genre.
A table goes mad. 50x70cm. 1987.
A table goes mad

Poster - record cover - CD's cover - bookcover and logos.
Psychographics - Smoke no more. 1994. Psychographics - Crack it. 1994. Deadheads have more fun. Graphic design logo Frontline Uelzen. Book cover image Omegalpha Ztt 08
Poster: Praeventa - record cover: Crack It - CD's cover: Deadheads have more fun - logo: Frontline - cover image: Omegalpha Ztt 08

Action painting.
Action painting Lucky mothers.. Action painting. 1999.

Thohuwabou - Lucky mothers.

Flame painting.
Steel pictures on the exhibition. Steel pictures with the flame heating painted.
Further flame photos and steel engravings under: Sculptures.

Painting on textiles.
T-Shirt Painting
Butterflies with snake.

Day illustration project
Objective with this project was: For the period of 2 years daily to provide an image work. We present the result to you on the day picture page in the form of film animations. Responsible version, also for smartphones and tabloids optimises.

painting courses beside the painting courses on which we provide craft and conversion in different forms of the painting we offer individual single seminars, in an unconventional technique developed by us.

Chakras and whose color allocation
Chakras and whose color allocation.

Video: Hypnotica Grafic
Hypnotica Grafic. Movie mounting with the psychographics Hypnotica.
Runtime 0:47 min.

Video: Paint Shapes
Paint Shapes. Movie mounting runtime 0:25 min.

Video: The eye
The eye. Movie mounting.
Runtime 0:30 min.

Video: Trough the Belly button
Trough the Belly button.
Movie mounting.
Runtime 0:08 min.

Art is a supplement of the reality. A change of the point of view. Changing the seeing.
It compacts artist to the borders of the feasible to bump, to gain the maximum in explanatory power to reach very near to the form visions.

The fruit juice beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true kind and science. Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German scientist.

Products of the industry are committed, repeatable, one can quantify them and measure her success in the profit.
The piece of art avoids this standard. It is unique and from the personal world of the artist, from his abilities created and formed. It requires only the limitless and entire devotion of his personality for his activities.

Art: Name for the totality from the human produced (contrast: Nature), is not unambiguously fixed by a function or is exhausted in it (contrast technique) to whose condition high and specific skill, as well as a spiritual property belong (contrast craft) which distinguishes itself by his social like individual creation without cancelling thereby preceding works or having to start the proof of the correctness of a statement (contrast science). DUDEN.

Aristotle: Art could make by the representation of possible human action, the universal of the world of ideas, in particular of the real situation, obviously.
Platon: The knowledge of the really true extract.
Hegel: Art is the sensuous notes of the idea.
Beuys: Thinking is a plastic.
Tinguely: Art is a movement because everything moves.

The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist. Ananda Coomraswamy (1877-1947), Indian writer.

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