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03.09 – 05.09.2021 Heide, stallions, craftsmanship (HHH). Exhibition on the grounds of the Lower Saxony State Stud Celle - Stallion Testing Institute (HPA), Adelheidsdorf.
03.10.2021 The harvest festival in the museum village Hösseringen was unfortunately canceled.
07.11.2021 Pre-Christmas handicraft market in the museum village Hoesseringen.
12.12.2021 The Christmas market in Suderburg was unfortunately canceled.


A black year for art! All exhibitions and art markets have been cancelled due to the pandemic!


08.12.2019 Christmas market Suderburg. Suderburger Economy in action.
10.11.2019 Before-more Christmas artisans' market at the museum village Hösseringen.
06.10.2019 Thanksgiving day. Exhibition at the museum village Hösseringen.
16 - 18.08.2019 Summer fun. Exhibition on the state stud farm Celle, Stallion parade.
26.07.2019 Exhibition by MC Rottis, Suderburg.
19.05.2019 Suderburger economics in action. Open-air exhibition, trade-day.
27.04.2019 Open-air exhibition Happy street party, Uelzen, at the radio-tower, Fischerhof.


14.12. 2018 Wall emblems. MC Rottis. Suderburg
09.12. 2018 Christmas market. Suderburger Economy in action.
01. 12. 2018 Christmas market monastery hamlets Ebstorf.
11. 11. 2018 Christmas exhibition at the museum village Hösseringen.
01-16.09. 2018 KUNST AM BAUer. Culture station Bad Bevensen. Open air exhibition on the Schweizerhof Bad Bevensen.
01-02.09. 2018 23. Lüneburger Garden exhibition. Garden show. Bilmer Berg.
2017 Exhibition sculpture park of the gallery Wolfskuhle opened on Saturdays and on Sundays 13-15 o'clock and upon request tel:05826-880979.


Video: Garden stakes Tour

Garden stakes Tour.
Runtime 5:21 Min.

07.05.2017 Trade-day-May celebration-economy in action marketplace Suderburg.
20-21.05.2017 Trade day street festival at radio-tower-Uelzen.
03-04.06.2017 Festival of the senses at Hardausee-Hoesseringen.
09.06.-09.07.2017 Land Art. Contribution :Golaida The Deer

Video: Golaida The Deer, in german language
Golaida The Deer.
Runtime 3:28 Min.
02-03.09.2017 22.Lueneburger Garden exhibition


Press report of common newspaper 28.04.2016.
Sylvia Aevermann and Henning Block could upon 25 concerted years look back.

In the statue park of the gallery "Wolfskuhle". Dinosaur and the artists.

Team-reinforcement Stahl & Farbe reveled 25-year-old company anniversary.

Suderburg. At april 2016 reveled the studio community Stahl & Farbe of the artists Sylvia Aevermann and Henning Block their 25-year-old company anniversary. To the centres of gravity of their workings belong metal-sculpture (for example garden-sculptures. gateway doors, dragons and unicorns) and art painting. In addition has Sylvia Aevermann the well-known crime comedy Omegalpha Ztt08 released (the AZ reported). Reinforces becomes the team since short from Werner Warnke as manager. At the current time running the plannings for the construction of an workshop building in the industrial park Suderburg. Remains to hope, that Stahl & Farbe also further the audience with art actions delighted. All just about the studio community will find ones among

27.04.2016 Contribution to the photo exhibition Lila Land Art-Route.
Silhouettes "The wolf-whisperer". Contribution to the photo exhibition Lila Land Art-Route. Silhouettes "The wolf-whisperer". Contribution to the photo exhibition Lila Land Art-Route.
Community production of the gallery Wolfskuhle.


19.06. 2015 - 05.07.2015 Land Art "mauve route"- "Vineta" Vineta Hoesseringen. A special presentation of their oeuvre "Vineta" had Sylvia Aevermann, Henning Block and Werner Warnke brought along, they sang their work of art: "once lay a town on baltic sea beach, for arrogance and waste familiar - Vineta."

Besides the art contribution the fifteen-sided painting book of the picture story "Vineta" with note leaf.

Painting book.

"Vineta" painting book preview
Vineta painting book preview. Take to colour pencils and colour and paint you according to heart desire on it off! Gold and silver should you thereby not to just under use. Enjoy yourself.
By us obtainable including postage and packing for 5,99 Euro.

Online contribution from Christine Kohnke-Loebert

Vineta coloring book appeared. Vineta painting book Suderburg Proceeds comes refugees in Suderburg of benefit.
The mauve land art-route has a sequel. In fact a good one. When within the bounds of the initialization tour the many exhibits along the mauve route by way of the Hardautal of her creators explains, circumscribed or perhaps with one small story frames became, there have been a single work of art, the "sung" has been is: "Vineta", an installation in the wetland of the Hardau, not far from the bridge about the stream course. Created was the art work of Sylvia Aevermann, Henning Block and Werner Warnke - and the both had written for their installation, besides, a song. Bine Grumbrecht composed the notes and of course the work was presented on site powerful-voiced: "Vineta, Vineta - you rich town, should sinking because you have done a lot of evil" Vinetas inhabiters were very decadent, this is why this town came to a dreadful end" Now Suderburger artist Sylvia Aevermann has created an painting book for small and big people to the Vineta song. "The idea to illustrate the song came to us within the scope of the work on site", tells she. "We wanted to make something which stimulates to the reflexion and some people have asked us right after the text." And thus exchanged the artist who works otherwise rather with severe material, their metal workshop with the desk and created a picture book for painting in which the history of the city of Vineta is adapted.This is available for a few days to the prime cost of 3.99 euros with Christels writing materials, 15 percent of the proceeds will donate Sylvia Aevermann, Werner Warnke and Christel Koellmann to the support of refugees in the parish of Suderburg."Nevertheless, this is a good sequel of our art operation in Hoesseringen", if mayor Hans-Hermann Hoff on the occasion of the presentation of the book was pleased. In Suderburg Sylvia Aevermann and Werner Warnke become since the land art, by the way, mostly with "Vineta" accosted...

12.2015 Publication of the Santa Claus story: "Letter of the Santa Claus"- North Pole post of Father Christmas. The newspaper of the velvet parish of Suderburg.


10.2014 EuroBLECH 2014 - International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, Hanover, Germany.
Competition entry Champions in the sheet-metal working the euro-sheet metal fair 2014.
Steel dragon else baltic sea. Competition entry champions in the sheet-metal working the euro-sheet metal fair 2014. Air pressure modeled steel dragon sculptures.
Studio community Steel & Color, Germany.
The steel dragon sculptures are after an for Art novel free forming air pressure modelling procedure makes. The single part of the body segments have been through extrusion blow molding from to silicon-containing St 37 deep-drawing sheet in the temperature range Between 800° - 1100° celsius with a atmospheric pressure up to sixteen bar sculptured. Through partial heat supply with the torch flame was made then the characteristic figuring of the muscles. Thereafter has followed the further processing through weld together of the individuals segments to the figure . Through rough grinding of the welding seams and fine grinding by way of special belt grinders was the supposition for the high polish with technical felt and Polishing waxes built. The talons, teeth and lingua have been from St 37 steel rod forged. The eyes were cast from brass directly in the skull. Surface protection followed through carnauba wax. First-time development time and production time of these unique specimens approx. 600 hours. In our studio community laboring we also with the thermic vacuum-deformation whereby we welded motive-steel moulds in steel sheet hollow body embedding and the steel sheet through vacuum with lead hammers over the form fetch.

Press report
Bye bye Friedhelm!

Message label. Written by the author Andrew Paschko // november 11.2014 // From the localities. Since years gives it that probably almost all Suderburgern well-known message label at eastern entrance to town of Suderburg (statue park). At a meeting with velvet parish mayor still Friedhelm Schulz at that time we asked him to formulate, however, the next motto. He decided on a quotation of Konfuzius: Demand a lot of yourself and expect some from others - you are seldom disappointed - so become you seldom disappoints. Since him 4.11 this quotation adorns the saying notice board and to us remains only to say: Bye bye Friedhelm! Cheerio, thank you very much and farewell!
Sylvia Aevermann & Werner Warnke

12.2014 Publication the santa claus story: "Letter from father christmas" - The newspaper of the velvet parish of Suderburg.

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2013 Shield action in the exhibition park Suderburg, Wolfskuhle
Shield action: Also garbage in the head is Environmental pollution.


2012 Shield action in the exhibition park Suderburg, Wolfskuhle
Shield action: An eye for an eye and the world goes blind.


2011 Psychedelic Campus Suderburg university campus - interior design, interior decoration

Veiling internal action to municipal election in Lower Saxony 2011.
Veiling internal action. Veiling internal action. Veiling internal action.


2010 Structural alteration works of the studio workshop spaces and development of new treatment tools and machines.


2009 Publishing Sylvias novel debut: Crime comedy Omegalpha Ztt08. Course of lectures new playhouse Schamuhn-museum Uelzen. Development of the German - English film script raw version of the crime novel/christmas crime comedy Ztt08.
Invitation poster to the book premiere.
Invitation poster to first night Omegalpha Ztt08.
Press report Uelzener Newspaper 11.12.2009
The first book. Photo. Sylvia Aevermann introduced in the New Playhouse her first work "Omegalpha ZTT08", which also on the Frankfurters book fair represent was. After having champagne reception dispensed Santa Claus apples, until Sylvia Aevermann somewhat excited the lecture began and the member of the audience with through her blithesome manner and the facetious story to smile brought.
Spectator Jana Przybylski gave, enthusiastic across from the event, to protocol: "The small one time out from routine life has really been worth." Photo: Privat

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Press report Lower Saxon journal 30.12.2008
Traffic stabilization. Steely saurians as creatively traffic calming
ib Suderburg. A number of people car driver, the too quickly on the way is, goes between Suderburg and the B4 now voluntary from gas- in order to amazement: In the - garden of Werner Warnke stand indeed great steel sculptures, the Warnkes life companion Sylvia Aevermann there has installed (Photo: Ph. Schulze). The artist has Pterosauria and others figures created, which do not only impressiveness works of arts, instead in addition a traffic calming of the special kind are. Page 7

Saurians as speed guard
Special traffic calming: Art in Suderburger garden applies the break car driver.
(Page 7)
Traffic stabilization. From Juergen charburner-Koehler-Goetze. Suderburg. Who from the federal highway 4 comings to Suderburg drives, the may already cropped have: Is one when just really at a dinosaur driven past? But, no doubt: There's not only a thirteen metre long dinosaur, the rust-coloured cheeky his head over the fence stretches and the driving past motorist barefaced the tongue out-drawn. Right next to it is sitting on his nest high up on a column second dinosaur,a flight saurians. "a Pteranodon", explains Sylvia Aevermann, the both dinosaurs created has. A Pterosauria so, in comparison to his immense plant-eating colleague featherweight built, the wings from metal not rigidly in the body welded, instead mobile, so that it with wind gentle with you flutters. The two figures belong to one group of sculptures with the title "Installation group Progress", The complete in the garden of Sylvia Aevermanns friend Werner Warnke is established. Came into being but are the figures not for these garden, but as task work for a environmental trade fair in Neumuenster. "They have stood there before the input and then are for several environmental fairs, among the rest, in Hamburg, been ordered", recalls Aevermann, which as autodidact to art has come. Since some time entertains they with their colleagues Henning Block the studio community "Steel and Color" in Stadensen. and thus is the tall dinosaur because already once on the Oldenstaedter lake appeared, where he has received a quite coloured skin with an Action-Painting. In the meantime might Aevermann no longer with priority large-size steel sculptures. The learned nurse has in the profession a trauma incurred, this forces her smaller formats if it works then with steel. The unicorns which it makes have created it even already as "extras" in film rolling. In the meantime operated they more frequently with color. The walls of the flat testify of it: They completely hang with pictures Aevermann. "When I have purchased this house two years ago, we soon had to bury the first animals, they before our front door cross became", recalls Werner Warnke. "Immediately beside our house scenery is pure, and drivers simply race whether there a local child stands or not" since the installations direct at the roadside in his garden stand, if it has become clearly quiet before the house."The people look simply curiously, and before all tourist already stop sometimes. For us this is completely, besides, a little bit other kind of the traffic sedation." Perhaps, the installation group goes again on travelling. The savings bank has shown interest in an exhibition. Remains to hope that it is before Warnkes house also without sculptures further quietly.
Sylvia Aevermanns dinosaur sculptures in Suderburg aren't only one formidable eye catcher, but also a traffic calming of the special art. Photo: Koehler-Goetze

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2007 - 2016 Launch and expansion our Exhibition sites in the
Metal statuary exhibition in the park Wolfskuhle Suderburg. Metal statuary exhibition in the park Wolfskuhle Suderburg. sculpture park Wolfskuhle Suderburg.


2006 Development of the Steel and Color: Experience - Movie Art pages.
2006 Our sheet steel sculpture "Marilyn Monroe" as a contribution in the book: "MARILYN IN ART by Roger G. Taylor." More than 200 artists present portraits about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe steel portrait.

Video: Studio work exhibition
Steel and Color studio work exhibition. Movie with octahedron in rotation, steel dragon, steel figures and to others workpieces.
Runtime 7:17 min.


2005 Different video installations with fire performance on one rotary platform in our design department-studio.
steel dragons in the fire on rotary platform.
Video: Dragons in the fire
Dragons in the fire. Dragons in the fire. Runtime 1:51 min.
Video: The unicorn in the fire.
The unicorn in the fire. The unicorn in the fire. Runtime 1:03 min.


12.2004 art contribution on which Christmas fair the Hundertwasser city Uelzen
Exhibition stand Christmas fair Uelzen.


05.04 - 04.05.03 Art show symbols of the spring's.
Contribution Upon Peace Speeches. Contribution Upon Peace Speeches Contribution Upon Peace Speeches Contribution of the sculpture from cellular concrete "over quietudes orations." Town Bad Bevensen. Sylvia with the repair of the sculpture decapitated by vandalism.
18.06 - 20.06.03 Just Earth peace festival. Psychedelic-Light-Show performance and rotating octahedron. Letzlingen/Gardelegen

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2002 Unicorns as film scenery requisite for television movie "My father, the faggot" the Nostro film company.

January gregory Kremp with Mathias Schweighoefer
January gregory Kremp. Jan Gregor Kremp with our horse sculptures. unicorns Collection on film set into the movie "My father, the faggot."
2002 Four-sided reportage and interview in the magazine "STIL -encounters with steel -technology of tomorrow" of the Steel concern Salzgitter AG with the title "steel decorating object design"
STIL interview.

Interview with Henning Block and Wilma Boegel 4/2002 for the magazine Stil the Salzgitter AG steel and technology.

Horsepowers each steed of Block and Aevermann is a unique specimen. Never will to the construction the same one template used.

Swinging unicorn. Swinging racehorse. Swinging dolphin Flipper. Unicorns. Copper unicorn.

Steel dragon prototype. STEEL DECORATES: PHOTOS: AEVERMANN OBJECT DESIGN Art pieces made of steel Once filigrees, once powerful. Once brusquely, once glossy. But one is art made of steel ever - simple beautiful. Spitting dragons, elegant dolphin's, noble steeds: Wherever the works of the Lower Saxon artist Henning Block and Sylvia Aevermann to be seen are, excite they the attention of the viewer. Once filigrees, once powerful, once glossy, once brusque or cornered: The sculptures of Block and Aevermann show exemplary, the fact that steel is just even more, than only one material for sober industrial goods. Artist have steel already a long time ago as ideal raw material for theirs works discovered. However, many years they eked out rather a shadowy existence. Now come sculptures on this versatil and permanently material more and more in fashion - and this worldwide. Enjoy the exhibits which we show you on these pages. Read the interview with Henning Block in whom he speaks, among the rest, of what inspired him once for the work with steel and with which technologies he this raw material to his sculptures processes. It is a complex work, a work which demands a lot of strength and time. Accordingly high there lie the prices which can absolutely reach in till the 5-figure or 6-5-figure euro-range. Therefore, as a Christmas present the sculptures of Block and Aevermann are probably possible only for a very much delimited clientele. But also for the purse of normal consumer nice presents of steel and stainless steel are found on the following sides. Little ones, practical things for the household, nobly and originally in the form - and above all payable. Art of steel - five pages which prove once more impressively, how many-sided this inexhaustible material is and which possibilities he offers to the people.
Steel dragon G2. Henning Stil. Henning Block - Artist with steel
"In the beginning every day on the scrap yard..."

Glossy stand the steel dragon in the sunshine, creak theirs teeth and raised up fear disturbing their claws. The little art works from the atelier "Steel and Color" arise from the two artists Henning Block and Sylvia Aevermann. The learned smith Block has before fourteen years begun, at first smaller, then ever larger sculptures from the material steel to manufacture and with it his hobby and his enthusiasm to the profession made. Henning Block interacts with the painter Sylvia Aevermann in the Lower Saxon small town Stadensen.
STIL: When and why originated the first steel sculpture?
Henning Block: The idea, made of steel figures and sculptures to establish, originated 1988 on one junk-yard. The there lying about punching paragraphs inspired me to first small experiments. I worked at that time when restorer at Old timers and sports car, and had an education to the smith made. Therefore it was no problem for me, the material to handle. The first thing ready made object used to be an smaller from steel wire welded together dragon with mobile wings.
STIL: How did it go on?
Henning Block: In a visit of the moto cross machines factory Armstrong in Bolton Manchester England observed i fascinates, such as exhausts blown have been. After of the return i attempted, from the collected pieces up from junk-yard own figures blowing. And as more i me with it employed, the more noticeable have been the plastics, and my ambition growths with each piece.
STIL: How originates a steel dragon?
Henning Block: The dragon consists of different segments (torso, head, wing and limbs), everybody is manufactured individually and then is welded together to a entire piece. The structural components are on an double laid deep drawing steel sheet metal sketched and then with an plasma cutting torch along the contours cut. Both parts identically resulted are welded together to a entire piece, and about a inwrought valve compressed air is supplied. Now by the rising internal hydrostatic pressure the body forms. Dents, Roundnesses and convexities, which the dragon body mark, become through; the dragon's body make recognizable, are manufactured by partial heating with the acetylene burner. After so all prefabricated parts were produced, the dragon is welded together to a whole.
STIL: Is there nor another procedure?
Henning Block: After the heating the sheet steel about a solid positive form is dragged. The metal sheet is brought by the consisting air pressure and special placing and mint hammers then in the corresponding form. Also here the finished parts are composed at the end to a whole dragon, horse or human.After the heating the sheet steel about a solid positive form is dragged. The metal sheet is brought by the existing air pressure and special placing and mint hammers then in the corresponding form. Also here the finished parts are composed at the end to a whole dragon, horse or human.
STIL: From where comes the silver color of the sculptures?
Henning Block: The silvery colour is the origin colour of the steel. After the completion will the figure such a long time with sand blasting, brushing, felt and wax polish, until it shines. At the moment with me in the art studio standing dragons being all rough parts who still silver-plate according to taste of the buyer, are enamelled or can be nickel-plated.
STIL: Carry on you task work, or comes the motivation from own ideas?
Henning Block: The first figures arising out own ideas, then were coming more and more human beings towards us, That hers wishes and conceivabilities along-brought. Today move we us between both fields of work. We are on the one side always in search after sponsors and contracting authorities, on the other we are trying us at new developments. The first figures developed from own ideas, then came up to more and more people to us who bring along their wishes and ideas. Today we move between both fields of work. We are on the one hand always in search of sponsors and clients, on the others we try new developments. Just we had an inquiry for a full-size horse as a statue for an racing team.
STIL: For how long do you work at such a big object, and what it costs?
Henning Block: When I have quoted our price to the team owner, he had to swallow first of all violently. Since thus a horse costs about 25,000 euros including material. But for it we also work up to half a year on it.
STIL: Where from do you receive the necessary steel?
Henning Block: At the beginning we were daily a guest on the scrap yard. More economically could not come we to the material for our experiments. Daily we drove home approximately 300 to 400 kilos of steel scrap metal and steel material in our car. After a few weeks had we a stock of 15 tonnes of steel at home. Today we order the sheet steels directly from the works, because every order needs another form, size and thickness of the basic raw material.
STIL Do you have a favorite sculpture which is unmarketable?
Henning Block: No. Though each of our exhibits is made with love, but I do not hang on them. And there is also no part which would be unmarketable. With a commissioned work you know already before that it will change the owner.
STIL: Your next project?
Henning Block: Probably it will become the aforesaid racing horse. However, we are always open for new orders and for new inspirations.

Interview was leading by Wilma Boegel

Exclusives and expensive: This dragons expense just under 23000 euro. Dragons in the daybreak on the stubble field.
Studio community Steel & Color Henning Block & Sylvia Aevermann Muehlenstraße 9
29596 Stadensen phone: 0 5802/4111

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24.02.01 Night Shadow. Light picture performance: Psychedelic-Light-show, Eventcenter h6, Uelzen
30.04-01.05.01 Time jump. Psychedelic-Light-show and installation, Hamburg


2000 - 2002 Entry into the computer age. Development and programming our bilingual internet presences.


03.99 - 07.99 We were good friends - Vincent and I... Paintings exhibition, figurative art exhibition, café Tolstefanz, Lueneburg
08.99 Psychedelic-Light-show, Open-Air-Festival - Lueneburg


1998 Store-development. Interior design, as well as a inimitable external facade arrangement with sanded slightly sheet steel for a arts and crafts business Hanover.
20.03.98 Sativa High, Psychedelic-Light-show and rotating objects, live station, Dortmund
15.05.98 Cyclotron, Space installation, Psychedelic-Light-show, rotating sculptures and pictures
6.06.98 Huxley's JR, Psychedelic-Light-show, hemp beer brewery Berlin
5.09.98 Festival Total on Oldenstaedter lake, photo performance and
"Free Dino Painting", Uelzen
Dinosaur painting.
09. - 10.98 Perishability and utopia, exhibition participation, Swiss Farmyard
17.10.98 Alchemic Congress, Psychedelic-Light-show, Hamburg

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1997 Beginning of an originator's lawsuit lasting more than 2 years with a radio station and record publishing company.
Intermediate waves-CD-cover. On account of not approved duplexing and duplication of our dragon's unique specimens for a CD cover, posters and flyers. With satisfactory career by the friendly support of the IG Media - Verdi and the VG Image-Art.
15.02.97 Exhibition on the Fist Area/ Water Factory, Hanover

Video: Work exhibition Fist Factory Hanover
Runtime 8:59 min. Steel and Color Hanover Fist Factory work exhibition.

19.07.97 Voov Experience, octahedron and dia machine's, Neuruppin
1-3.08.97 Nature One, octahedron and dia machine's, Pydna-basis, Hunsrueck (region of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)/ Kastellaun
30.08.97 Festival Total on Oldenstaedter lake, Dinosaur and photo projections, Uelzen
09. - 10.97 Perishability and utopia, exhibition participation, Swiss Farmyard

1997 Foundation of the cinematography - challenge cup "Gold eye" For the town Uelzen. → from the newspaper article.
Prize award film cup Gold eye. Prize award film cup Gold eye. Twist with Antje. Allocation of the"Gold eye"
Uelzen october 1997.
Under great applause the prices were passed in the youth centre to the winners of the student from Lower Saxony and youth festivals. To the "Gold eye", The from the "Studio community Steel and Color" from Stadensen donated was and the other with a total of 3000 DM endowed prices had itself a total of thirty video-films of children and juveniles applied. The first prize, the "Uelzener Gold eye" received "Twist with Antje" The "Moritzburg Pictures" From Hildesheim, was handed by Sylvia Aevermann and Henning Block as a founder. The winners received, in addition, a cash prize praised out by the city of Uelzen. The jury justified the decision with the fact, that the group in to well-thought-out shots and exact incision sequences a consistent history with fascinating cheeky and summed up dialogs tells. A persuasive theatrical capacity provides an atmospheric access to the today's attitude to life of youngsters for the spectator. The article "The Rebellious Nine" from Gifhorn received the price of the minister of education and the arts from Lower Saxony. Other prices went to them Literature filmings "Dshamilja " of the boarding school high school in Esens and "Spring Awakening " the Aurich-West IGS. Moreover, were awarded Video contributions from Winsen/Luhe, Uelzen, Wolfsburg and Easter ode.

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31.12.95 - 2.1.96 Excessive Change, light picture works, rotating objects and steel engravings. Rehagen, Hanover
27.01.96 Psychedelic experience world, octahedron, light picture works. Rehagen, Hanover
Psychedelic world in picture and sound, octahedron, light picture works and Bilder.Rehagen, Hanover
02.96 - 09.96 Breakthrough of the colors, oil paintings and steel engravings, Exil, Bodenteich
23.03.96 Psychedelic experience world, Voodoo-Tec, dia slide machine, rotating objects, steel sculptures and pictures, Hanover
10.05.96 Radio FFn, Night of darkness, Ecki Stieg, lightimage- and sculpture performance. Exil, Bodenteich
Ecki Stieg autograph card. Exil, Bodenteich.
15.06.96 Audio-visual-perceptual spectacle, rotating octahedron, projections, Hanover
27.07.96 Voov Experience, octahedron light show and ellipsoidal light-picture-projections, Besdorf
11.96 - 12.96 Wolfsburger blaze of light, dragons installation and light-picture-projections
12.96 - 01.97 Tecno studio in the Mengler Building, pictures and sculpture exhibition, rotating objects and light-picture-projections, Wolfsburg

Steel art and modern style painting. Object art: Illustration route tecno studio in the Mengler light-picture-projections, Wolfsburg.
Photograph of the shop window techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Technology tools. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg. Photograph from the techno studio in the Mengler Building, Porschestrasse Wolfsburg.
In consideration of the availabilitys of the store shop "illuminated" we at a number of days' time the Wolfsburger light gloss market for the Wolfsburger Nordkopf advertizing community initiative by our photo installation: Slide machine.
Press report: Over our tecno studio in the Mengler Building, Wolfsburg.
Press report over our techno studio. Empty shop in the Mengler building as a Tecno studio "blaze of light": Dragons made of steel, dazzlingly bright.

The dragons are his world. "They're the kings among the animals", says Henning Block, "strong, spitting fire, oversized" In its work exhibition, for the in the Mengler Building on Nordkopf nullity rented shop put at disposal was, are there appropriate to the "light gloss"-festival a dozen glarier figures made of steel to marvel. The around it steals the dragon almost the show: From a rotating octahedron streams light, coloured light breaks in the rough deepnesses of the metal. Thereto hammering Hard-Trance-Musik welcome in the next millennium. Block is self-educated autodidact. The steel-forge blows with compressed air hot scrap metal to different constructs , whereas the color a special role plays: By way of the grinding of the metals arise roughness, the - spotlights - cool effects create. This symbiosis from coolness and glitter world enthusiastically techno dancer and industrialists equally. With his pictures he travels to all possible ones to the scenes of the republic: On environmental fairs and techno parties he exhibits, at snowboard festivals and on company celebrations. The metal sculptor still has a partner: Oil paintings of the painter Sylvia Aevermann with whom Block runs a art studio in Stadensen (circle Uelzen) are also in the Mengler building to see. How long still, depends on the goodwill of the sponsors in the North Head Centre. bu

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28.12.94 - 02.95 Stonemason & Hehl, fashion, Hamburg
24.06.95 Rotated Area, light installation, mobile objects, Hanover
15.07.95 Voov Experience, mobile objects, light-show, Neustadt-Glewe
22.07.95 Psychedelic Dreams, Hanover
29.07.95 Shiva Moon, light plays, mobile objects, Zarrentin
5-6.08.95 A Vision, light-installation and mobile objects in 2000 m height, rock glacier, switzerland
19-20.08.95 Art contribution city festival Uelzen, dragons and pictures
8-10.08.95 Gedelitz/ Gorleben, "dinosaur and other betes"
08.95 - 12.95 dragons and Pterosauria, exhibition company Nolte, Uelzen
2.12.95 Art of, running light picture works, pictures and octahedron, Hanover
30.12.95 The picture machine, light picture works and rotating objects, Sallahn

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1994 Task work. Firm anniversary sculpture for Hansi Hoffman, manager of the Rolling Stones.
Task work, firm anniversary sculpture for Hansi Hoffman, manager of the Rolling Stones.
04.94 Zeughaus Hamburg, fashion house
04.94 Art contribution dragon boat festival, Jungfernstieg, Binnenalster Hamburg
Dragon boat festival, Jungfernstieg, Binnenalster Hamburg.
05.94 Art contribution industrial exhibition Bad Bevensen
05.94 Bibliotheca town Uelzen
6.05.94 Hypnotized, mobile objects, Exil, Bodenteich
20.05.94 Free Your Mind, mobile objects, Hanover
17.06.94 Free Your Mind, mobile objects, light installation, Hanover
16.07.94 Trance, moveable objects, Cyberhouse, Hannover
08.94 Dragon's special exhibition in the jaguar predator enclosure. Zoological garden, Schwerin
07.94 - 08.98 DePfa-bank, Hanover
08.94 - 96 Physiotherapy practice, Oil paintings Lueneburg
04.94 - 96 Café Lotterleben, Lueneburg
9.09.94 Hypnotized, mobile objects, Exil, Bodenteich
09.94 - 11.94 "Psycho graphics", RTS tennis club, Hanover
16-18.10.94 Art contribution Praeventa, drugs prevention's fair, Neumuenster
27.10.94 Underground of Techno, mobile objects, Voodoo Tec, Uelzen
15.11.94 Underground of Techno, mobile objects, Muenster
18.11.94 Underground of Techno, mobile objects, Uelzen
25-27.11.94 "Oh God ", rotating octahedron and light installation, Cyberhouse, Hanover
4.12.94 Zeisekunstmarkt, Hamburg
19-22.12.94 Art contribution christmas fair Bad Bevensen
19-22.12.94 Art contribution Light Festival Uelzen


08.93 Voov Experience, open-air exhibition, Zarrentin
09.93 Boetersheimer art show
18.09.93 Art of Trance, mobile objects, Hamburg, Carone

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1992 TecTrance
Steel sculpture one-way. Logo from sheet steel for the Tecno trance band "TecTrance" In the plaza; piazza virtuale during the Documenta IX 1992 in Kassel.
1992 Installation group : Progress. Dinosaur, lizard, Pterosauria and Robot arose.
1-10.02.92 Fantasy objects, Milano-Knaudt, Lueneburg
Press report from the art show in the optician Knaudt gallery, Lueneburg.

Optician Knaudt gallery. Steel flying dragons and UFO-crash Milano-Knaudt shows in a exhibition imaginative metal figures of Henning Block. nh. Lueneburg. As a prelude of an exhibition row with Milano - Knaudt becomes in the time from the 1st to the 10th of February the metal sculptor Henning Block his fantasy objects present. The learned welder fascinate above all representations of the; from the Science Fiction- and fantasy division. In expensive technical methods deformed Block metal and achieved through heating up, the so-called thermography, iridescent effulgently color effects. The sustained objects have names such as steel dragon and UFO-Crash. Unicorns and prehistoric flying dragons reconstructed figures lead into the fantasia of the metal artist.
Photo: hn

03.92 Closing reception exhibition honouring Ernie Watts, saxophonist/ USA, Boltersen
02.92 - 05.92 Interiors, interior decoration, Hamburg
04.92 Castle restaurant Bleckede
05.92 Art contribution environmental trade fair Neumuenster,
"Scrap iron plate recycling for Art" and external installation
"Progress": Dinosaur, Pterosauria and robot
07.92 Voov Experience, Soltau, rotating objects Voodoo-Tec
08.92 Cure house Hitzacker
09.92 Market passage Neumuenster
09.92 Art contribution North construction fair, Neumuenster
09.92 Art contribution environmental trade fair Braunschweig
10.92 Art contribution Winsener Marstall
Press report: Over our art contribution, in the Winsener Marstall.

Ingenious ideas for which gift table.

dsr. Winsen. There's itself the artist Henning Block safe: Be steely dragon sets out on each one gift table good. Photo: dsr. Object art press report Marstall Winsen. How about ... at christmas with one fluffy toy for mom, a copper shell for father and a steely dragon for the son? All that and still much more are there in the Winsener Marstall at present to be seen and available for purchase. Organizer is the creatively circle. Expect colony university knowledge, much intrinsic study and a sentence draw knife might Kaethe Saar stupendous: Behind her hangings in carved town panorama, beside oneself she has a crib scene, and before her stands a still unfinished angel, whereby they just works. Also when Kaethe Saar it already to a conscience championship has brought, likes itself many a visitor to an exhibition saying: "the can i : as well" and this is good in such a way. The people shall also to the do-it-yourself innervate let, That would be with the art work of Henning Block and Sylvia Aevermann not quite as simple. All kinds of animals from welded and blow-mould steel there's to be seen. Saurians, dragons or steely butterfly - at christmas once a different idea when always only socks or crocheted pot holder. In the Marstall is art hand work of all the business units represent: Blueprints, rattan centre-, patchwork- and timberwork, woodwork of various kinds, plant collages and still a great deal more. The exhibit still is until Saturday, 21. november to be seen. Opening time: At all days' time perusing of ten to 18 clock.

12.92 Art contribution T.U.N. Environmental trade fair, Lueneburg
Press report of which art contribution T.U.N. Environmental trade fair, Lueneburg.

Steel art and object art press report environmental trade fair Lueneburg. Steel art and object art press report environmental trade fair Lueneburg. Steel art and object art press report environmental trade fair Lueneburg.

Pterosauria and E-Car.

smc. Lueneburg. Works of arts on a environmental trade fair? At first glance likes the bewilder. Not so, if the display pieces through scrap iron plate recycling made have been as with the studio community Steel & Color from Bardowick. Metal sculptor Henning Block and painter Sylvia Aevermann use outweighing Industrial waste and clapped out machine parts for impressing objects such as a Pterosauria with one wingspan of 4.5 metres. To the manifold display pieces the environmental trade fair count also electric cars. Extremely gentle to the environment are they, if the power off wind power or other "regenerativ energies" won becomes. The company Sunsplash shows among others the danish single-seater "City-el", the most produced E-Mobil in the world. At a maximum speed of fifty kilometres per hour, lies its coverage at 50 kilometres. Of course at a environmental trade fair, replaces a mobile washing trailer the disposable tableware. It is seated for the fair demand and also is introduced in function. The company Walhalla-table-ware mobile displays the foolproof operation the different big apparatuses and informed of the preferences the table-ware mobile with festivals any kind of. Handsome domestic animals shows the Luebberstedter Schuettenhof. A splendid specimen of the Shire Horses shall be admired. The animals this largest breed of horse accomplish a stick measurement of more than 1.80 metres. Against it the full-grown lacteal cow, to the small ones works robust Welsh Black-Cattle counts, almost like toys.
The branch support, on which all sit.
pb. Lueneburg.
Prehistoric beings of rusty steel greet the fair visitors on the Suelzwiesen. Before the monsters swaggers an iron stature, in the hand a briefcase full garbage. Both Bardowicker artists, Henning Block and Sylvia Aevermann have "Progress", their creation baptised. At the sight of the metal sheet companion the fear, that steals over quite a lot of by the progressing environmental destruction them people a similar destiny like the dinosaurs could overtake. Scrap metal recycling as an art wanted like the remaining offer of 5. Lueneburg ones environmental fair the readiness wake up to do even something for the preservation of the branch on which everybody sits. Thousands of visitors. Main organizer Freyja Scholing of the association "Technology Environment Nature (TEN)" was contented in the yesterday's last day with the crush and estimated that number of visitors on many thousand. The audience has shown itself very much with interest. However, much more importantly was to her "family atmosphere", she has felt during three fair days. A total of 76 exhibitors "this is a record" their situations had hit in tents. Environmental organisations and environmental associations introduced their work. A bicycle with which costs can be carried up to 100 kilogrammes was the racer at the general German bicycle club. Companies informed possibly about biological construction or clean power production with the help of solar technology. Students of the university of Lueneburg had thinned out the town after biotopes and presented on the fair theirs "Ecological path." Provided for healthy strengthening from organic annex or bio-annex of appropriate to the species keeping of pets alternative agricultural operations. Pastor Wolf von Nordheim, for the ecclesiastical service in the country responsibly, stressed as a speaker during the opening event that renunciation leads to new quality of life. Everybody should ask: "How I live with mine bad conscience?" However, he warned about the moralizing forefinger, called to become adult and responsibility for the environment to take over. In the walk about the fair chief burgomaster Ulrich Maedge promised: The town wants to purchase an electric car, if in Lueneburg a filling station opened in which environmentally friendly solar power could be tapped.

Photography of our exhibition stand of the art article on the Biota, environmental fair of Hamburg: Scrap iron plate recycling for the art 1992. Photography of our exhibition stand of the art article on the Biota, environmental fair of Hamburg: Scrap iron plate recycling for the art 1992. 10.92 - 11.92 Jesteburger Art-fair
11.92 Marstall museum, Winsen-Luhe
11.92 - 01.93 Café Lotterleben, Lueneburg
12.92 Castle Wotersen
12.92 Art contribution biota, environmental trade fair Hamburg

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1991 First concerted workshop in Bardowick with Lueneburg. Beside steel pictures and object art the first kinetic sculptures develop as teamworks.
02.91 - 04.91 Artists Café "Wahnhof", Bardowick
05.91 Meta music program, bell house Lueneburg, "Action Painting"
Action painting.
06.91 Artists' party Behlendorf
07.91 - 09.91 Gallery Monde de Réves, Lueneburg
Press report from the Monde de Réves, Lueneburg.

Moons Reves gallery Henning Block welds opalescent fantasy objects
Dragons, saurians and unicorn.
A small exhibition of the gallery Monde de Réves presents steel plastics of the Lueneburgers Henning Block. The show running till the 10th of September in Grapengiesserstrasse of Lueneburg offers in addition to photography and leather design. Henning Block, skilled welder, deals for just two years with the artistic processing of metal. Particularly representations from the Science Fiction and fantasy range fascinate him. In on agile technical one Process deforms Block metal with air pressure and achieves fluorescent and shining colour effects by heating-up (Thermographie). Besides, objects develop like Steel dragon and UFO-Crash, unicorns and prehistorically flying dragons as well as anew interpreted figures of the American graffiti artist Keith Haring. Photographies of Michael Nowag, member of the Lueneburg photographic, show creations of the fashion designer (and co-organiser of the exhibition) Bettina Marks. Furthermore are to be seen some photographies of artists of the 20s and 30s. Deductions of original negative's from works Renger Patzschs, Karl Stoves and Joseph Schorers. Finally, it offers Gallery "Lueneburg Leather Days", with which the workshop "Falcon - Kite" from Muetzingen in the Wendland carefully handmade use products shows. fz.

07.91 Voov Experience, rotating objects
09.91 Exhibition & action painting, "Wahnhof", Bardowick
12.91 Castle Wotersen

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