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Henning Block&Sylvia Aevermann

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Henning Block

The artist Henning at work. Geb.1961 in Glueckstadt, learned smith, restored later old-timer and sports car, to discover his real appeal to the iron sculptor and metal sculptor then in 1988. Filigree conductor and steel-sheet metal-formations, anatomical skulls, movable flight saurians and a steel dragon count to his first works. Autodidact. Contemporary artist.

Henning about Sylvia
As means for the purpose of the adoption your mental afflatuses, about them a lot of different impressions after of the searching of the sense of life, the one each religion by itself different interpreted, yet at the last all one indulge, uses they your visionaries Video language, the such as even the Diversity of life, itself in all nuances your painting again-reflected. For which, the view and the reading between the lines, underneath the obvious, beyond what is apparent expertly is, exposed itself a new one approach the worlds. Whether now the melancholia of life with his in part difficult, social questions and the effect the out of it resulting might, itself into the work regains; comes just as after having stride by a bottom of a valley, also again the again-obtained view to the advance in the direction of the itself new to opening ones horizon's, gain the illustrations at colours intensity, and bring the momentum of the advance with. When surreal image contents conscious to provocation the looking at the bipolarity the vital long established lawfulnesss punctiliousness force, might one itself in a way in the maelstrom the thereby itself putting on sensual orgy easy lose and in its yet collared opinion brought round are. All in all gives the artist itself best effort but timely the worth of the images to state, because you when broad based expert from their milieu over funded price suggestions of fee remuneration but self-assertively your own works; deeds; factories when producer directly onto the art market in the whole federal republic of Germany brings in. On the work of exploitation corporations as well as galleries, renounces they thereby, because you alone the coerce market create want, about next projects, the after greater financial mediums are calling for, into action to implement. The meets in particular for your preference the metal sculpture to, in the it with crude strength and employment conditions, as they in part the hard work in a steelworks like. Also here is in somee places the sensitivity brushwork in combination with the formidable strength required, what a high measure of endurance, mated accurately, the artist claims.

Sylvia Aevermann

Painter, metal sculptor Sylvia 1991 at work. Born 1966 in Stadensen, felt from the earliest childhood to the painting drawn, nevertheless, made, because it was a matter an occupation to learn, an education in the social occupation to return then in 1987, finally, to the painting and art. The first large-size oil pictures "apart from the youth pictures" Live-Action-Paintings in connection with music, "Whip pictures" and leather creations, originated. Self-educated person. Contemporary artist.

Sylvia about Henning
An artist with huge abilities, one to look to free-creative mind and the gift, situations and factories from several points of view. Henning carries out his work like in the inebriations. Of the conception follows often instantaneous the execution. Then the addiction to completion packs him and it does not become rather deigns than a daily work was fulfilled around a multiple. A utopia after the utopia deciphers itself to the viewer if he looks at the UFO Crash, or is carried away by the dragons in a mythological entrancement. Galactic accidents hit on unicorns. Clear ideas bubble of him, like from a spring, however, he would have to have hundred arms and legs to move only the fiction of one single day. Besides, the variety of his creativity fascinates me. Abstract, modern hits on filigree, naturalistic deeds. Racing horses on skids swing silently; rising unicorns rear up over and over again. To transfer mobility, dynamism, the viewer by rotary diamonds into another perception, is one of his predilections. The person, as a machine, as a destroyer; creator, is in many works the object of the subject. Whether now as a miniaturised robot, or as an atlas, on his shoulders the world, at place of the sky, carrying. Acts of shining steel, beams the striking light umpteen times the amount again. Time and space are explored. The third dimension lives through. And if the artist does not protect his treasures in future like a dragon, everybody will soon probably know what is a Block. About our cooperation I must mention of course first the craft abilities which has Henning mediated me, since we us encountered are. Until the present time the large part of my works on one-dimensional surface existed. The work through the space, in the space, with one until then of mine untapped material, seemed me a challenge. What Henning, as it looked for me, managed playfully easily, contained for the painter unexpected constraints. Every mistake in dealing with machines is paid with blood. Sometimes if we poles before dirt and dust and sank worn out, passed through my mind, the muse has not only kissed Henning, but has come driven on to the top performance. Of course the art lives on the freedom and now follows the compulsory question: You can live off it? We can answer this only with a allegory: There are good times, there are bad times. I can say it also differently: Not to praise! Buy!

Action painting
Action painting. Than we are us 1991 encountered, presaged probably neither of us, that these meeting the laying of the foundation stone of the studio community Steel & Color, for a future, many years collaboration, meant.
In 1990 Sylvia from the town had moved to the country and altered an economic building to a artist's workroom when some musician's friends asked them to organise a performance in the Lueneburger bell house with them. To fix the gigantic canvas on the stage posed problems and one of the musicians knew "the right man" to the rectification of the problem. Henning Block.
We were likeable to ourselves right away, not least, because we recognised own work mania and researcher's avarice in the other and found out surprised that we count both to the type of the autodidacts.
We had made both similar experiences how much courage and staying power the step demands to the free artistry, or how wearing down the constant confrontation with people at all levels is which stand just compared with the autodidactic art, doubtfully, ignorantly or negative. Henning lived and worked currently in an old economic building in whose cellar he had constituted a small smithery and workbenches. Though one could stand not straight in it, but for it make round-the-clock "noise".
Ergo modern style steel sculpture - iron picture work. Forma modern style steel sculpture - iron picture work. Modern style steel sculptures - iron sculptures.
Two deeds factories from the first hours our Co-operation. "Ergo&Forma"with the plasma cutter tailored and with annealing colors decorates.
Already after a few concerted workdays, in which many different ones work samples came into being, exposed itself us a enormous potential of the combination options. We concluded to "Merge" and founded the studio community Steel & Color.

The origin of all the things lies so to speak still in the thither, in the form of ideas, the only still to the actualization come must. But in the imaginatively lies also the force, these archetypes of the ideas form to lend shape. I-Ging.

The team of the "Gallery Wolfskuhle" at work 2015 in Suderburg.

artist Henning Block artist Sylvia Aevermann Manager Werner John Warnke Watchdog yorkshire terrier Lenny From left to right.
1. The artist Henning Block when working on the steel sheet palm tree.
2. The artist Sylvia Aevermann when working on the golden dino.
3. The manager Johann Werner Warnke when working on the golden dino.
4. The guard-dog Lanny with be attentive.

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