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Zero zero - continuation novel

"Eva!"From somewhere I knew this hysterical voice."Eva, please, please open the eyes!"
No, she not always sounded hysterical, only if it was excited.
I tried to remind me to whom the voice belonged. I tried to open the eyes and noticed that to me all limbs hurt.
"Eva, coming to you sweetheart!", the voice said affectionately, and loudly, almost again hysterically: nevertheless,"Now acts, finally, a little bit!"
Somebody ran away and, finally, I succeeded in opening the eyes. About me was free, blue sky with some clouds. Some branches rose in the images and a concerned face.
"Hey Aggie", I said. Where from I knew your name, was mysterious to me."You look fantastically in the dress!"
I tried to raise me and dizziness overcame me:"Well, I have selected to me a strange place for a nap!"
I looked round me and found again me in a garden under a tree.
"From because of nap!", said Aggie."you have liked from the tree. Goes it to you well? Should I call an ambulance?
"I shook my aching head."What I wanted then there on top?", I asked.
"Compose Well, the bird again in the nest!"
"Having I this at least created?"
Aggie nodded. A big, blond man coming with a bucket water and a medicament suitcase called."Can you move everything?", he asked."Hurts you something?"
"Yes, to me everything hurts!", I said."The water hopefully did not want to cover you to me!"
"If you would already have been unconscious longer!", he said and grinned at me friendly.
"Eva, also really everything is okay?", asked Aggie.
I twitched the shoulders."I am not sure. Something is not right here!"
"Get up Can you? Oh oops!, the scratches we must immediately supply!"Aggie looked me still anxiously, from a white as chalk face.
A wonderful contrast to her nice, brown eyes and her long, chestnut-coloured hair. I had completely sunk into consideration when me a voice brought back once more to the present.
"Eva, I should not call, nevertheless, an ambulance?"Aggie asked once more.
"No, no!", I said."Already everything in order. Now I can stand a cognac."
Aggie and the man, anyhow he also seemed to me famously, checking views exchanged. I sat up and Aggie and the man to me reached under the shoulders. The surroundings seemed to me strangely famously and, nevertheless, quite unknown. My head hurt, I had broken nothing, but, since when to the devil I was called Eva? Together we staggered in the sitting room where I can sink on a couch. Aggie dabbed my scratches in the forehead and in the arms with"Ow!"burning disinfection solution and the young man went - to the cellar? - Get cognac. This is
"Who?", I asked.
"Who? Henne?", Aggie looked me surprised.
"Being quite nicely, or?", I asked.
"My God!", said Aggie. "I already thought, I would have liked a stone of the heart when you have awoken, finally, from the faint, but now worry I me only surely!"
"Henne is your God?", I asked, this also seemed to me strangely. Now
"I call a doctor!", said Aggie and took to himself a phone.
"To Me goes well it!", I said."Honestly, apart from these pair of scratches, I feel almost brilliant."
"And you do not know who is Henne. By chance only for eight years your company partner. You address formally me and look round here as if you saw here everything for the first time. There I should give myself no troubles?"
Anyhow the woman was even right. Henne came back with a bottle of cognac and poured out me a glass. I tried to remember what was, before I have awoken with the face to the sky, under the trees. Henne can fall beside me on the Couch and looked me smiling.
"You are better?"
"Except that she does not know who you are"Aggie said and spoke further with the earpiece."Legends you to the doctor, he must come here, as soon as he is there again! This is an emergency! No, I do not think that we need an ambulance. Yes, thanks."
"I mean, with falls from substantial height it sometimes seems that the persons concerned cannot remember for a while.", said Henne."Knowing you then who you yourself are?"
"And further?", asked Aggie.
"Hmh, this one does not fall to me at the moment."
"I need also a cognac!", said Aggie, a glass one gave itself and can sink beside me on the couch."To ways to a bird, nearly the neck broken!"Aggie sighed and took one more gulp."Horror scenarios I have painted to me", said them."Broken arms, or legs, but this!"Aggie smiled and deeply looked to me in the eyes "Hopefully is only one transient appearance."
"Yes, hopefully to 18 clocks!", said Henne."Then you have an appointment to the dinner with the manager of an advertising agency. Should I cry off for you?"
"What I am by profession?", I asked.
both saw me astonished
Aggie shook the head."Eva, say this right is!", she said.
"What right is?", I asked.
"That you can remember nothing more."
"I knew your name", I said. Allowedly if all that was what I knew was not really a lot. we have done
"What then, before I have liked from the tree?", I asked.
"The henna tattoos for my wedding", said Aggie and stretched her painted arms. Fine patterns in red eyebrows colours wound from her hands up to the neck.
"Looks nice!", I said."Who has painted this?"
"A painter!", said Henne."In any case, she was one more, before she rose on the tree!"
"I am a painter?", I asked.
"Apart from the fact which you have written some books, have sketched some fashion collections and some promotional films, photo illustrated books give back and just a sculpture park has opened, one could entitle to your job title absolutely with painter", said Henne and fought according to laughing on his thighs.
"What is so amusing in it?", asked Aggie.
"Eva in six hours an appointment with one of the biggest advertising agencies of the world has and now cannot even remember that she is a painter."Henne laughed further and because his laughter looked contagious, could also laugh Aggie and I to us before any more do not hold.
"What is important in the appointment?", asked Aggie under giggling."I do not know anyway, why Eva wants to work now for an agency where you have made up to now everything freelance."
"You said, she wants to set to herself once tasks which other you demand, a more human boss. As her own boss she is merciless with herself. Controlled\U-00A0\ed working hours, vacation and before all things: something new!"Henne deeply looked to me in the eyes:"Being however, thus, baby? Or?"
"At the moment I still try to find out to whom the flat belongs here", I said and looked round."Everything is blurred a little. Not my optics. Everything seems to me strangely. Something is not right here. I am no painter or, otherwise, what, I am..."Aggie and Henne looked interested me at,"... Secretary.! And My name is also not Eva!"
both fallow at the same time in laughter from. This time I could not understand
the humor. The gigantic flat with big windows, a spiral rising upwards, to gigantic plants which had a bath now in the incoming sunlight completely in white held, up to the charcoal grey tile ground, seemed to me as unknown, like two humans who sat beside me on the couch. I knew them both, this stood except question, - however, something was not right here. Aggie and Henne had caught up with himself meanwhile again. One rang in the door.
"Well, that is quick!", said Aggie, opened the door and in there coming a rushed doctor with a big pocket.
"What has happened?", he asked. Aggie explained it to him in short trains. In his rushed kind he rushed towards us, around then with the steel wolf sculpture which was in the centre of the space on a stage to stop suddenly, to push the glasses of the nose and to study the sculpture thoroughly."Wonderfully!", he said, finally."Horned as me that you have called, I have immediately coming myself. I had to see your new sculpture", he said to Aggie,"Doc Franz is occupied with experiments."
"Knut, I want to compact you now not exactly", said Aggie:"However, do you not want to have a look first of all at Eva?"
"There she lies to cognac-drinking manner on the sofa and has obviously no pains, I must enjoy myself only in the art to follow then by hundred percent my work.Aggie, you look charming in this dress!", said Knut."To miracles you to myself about how I do not come so fast? Hello, Eva, hello, Henne!"
"Hi, Knut!", said Henne and I, how from a mouth.
"I surprises me only about the fact that to me makes today of every compliments about my dress!", said Aggie.
Knut got closer, shook to me and Henne the hand, packed his gigantic pocket on the coffee table before us and pulled some instruments from it out.
"I pull me to the computer", said Henne, with view on the instruments and composed herself some metres farther, to a glass table on which a fantastically formed, hypermodern computer arrangement stood. The calculator reminded me of visionaries lunar sculptures, even the glass top, on figures, like dancers, stood, it seemed to me strangely trusted and, nevertheless, unknown.
Aggie in her long, black tube dress, composed itself beside me and stroked my hand."I hope, up to my wedding, in three days, everything is in order."
"Whom you marry then?"I asked."Her, you..."
"Well mountain Fried", said Aggie and poured out us one more cognac. though
"Alcohol is not the right thing, but can I also have one?", said Knut."Come along you no worries, but already everything occurs to you again", he said to me.
Aggie got a glass, poured out and composed itself again beside me. Knut examined me thoroughly, illuminated my eyes, looked in my ears, checked my reflexes, sounded out my lung, let me get up, bend down, hop.
"Except a few scratches and bruises, I can ascertain nothing. The amnesia is due rather to the fright, than from a head injury. The blood pressure is in order, the pulse also. Repose and one night about that sleep is my recommendation."
"However, cannot exclude by hundred percent you a head injury?", asked Aggie. nevertheless,
"I thinks", said Knut."Eva, as long as your amnesia lasts, hope I that you forget your prices and assure me, to me also such to build wonderful sculpture."
"You want to state I would have built the sculpture?", I asked surprised.
"Yes, a wedding present for me!", said Aggie.
"I believes the best will be if we bring Eva home. The usual surroundings will affect positively", said Knut."You take a bath and sleep off yourselves substantially."
"Being it not better if Eva stays here? She can rest here", said Aggie.
"No", said Knut."If you will excuse me, my love, you form all four weeks your flat completely anew. It is a miracle that you find the way here generally!"
"Saying sometimes Aggie", Henne had got up from his computer place and laid carelessly his arm about Aggies shoulder."Having you Eva already so modestly seen. I mean, nevertheless, this is noteworthy. No constant one: I have to paint a good idea squawking, or this quite pathological addiction, every day images, the diary scribbling. Always in make and now? The rest!"
"Do not make fun of it", said Aggie and stripped Hennes arm."Seeing it rather as a chance to trouble you around Eva."
Henne laughed, passed to me the hand and said:"Coming, treasure. I drive you home."
taken aback I stayed down.
"I come along", said Aggie.
"No!", I said."When I can one day get to know again, thus objectively, something about myself?"
"This is the best", said Knut."Places you to itself only of the challenge. I can go past after with you and see after you."
"This is not necessary", I said."I believe, quite vague recollections of the past appear."Nevertheless, anyhow I was sure: Something was not right here.
"Like I have come then?", I asked.
"With Henne", said Aggie.
Henne minced and made to faxes:"With me Babe", sing sang he..."You become again happily his". He brought to us everybody to the laughter.
"I go still to the bath and then we can drive off, for my part", I said to Henne."Where is the bath?"
Aggie showed the way to me, nevertheless, followed me immediately and tightened the door behind us. nevertheless,
"Eva, this is everything only show. Or?", she asked."Wanting you try you now as an actress?"
"I have no notion where I am here, still as I come here. What me am for a human, or you. Where from I know you or Henne, even like I look it seems to me strangely".
I regarded me in the mirror and Aggie beside me.
"I had expected which I look different", I said.
"Like because?"
"I do not know, I cannot remember that I have applied today morning to make-up."
"Probably this is still from last night", said Aggie and smiled at my reflection."As well as I know you, you have neither slept, nor have taken a shower. If you want to go now really home, should I not come along then, nevertheless, rather?"
I shook the head. Pain had given way to a light rumbling. I felt good, nevertheless, was a little tired.
"I am curious sometimes as my flat looks!", I said. with certainty you can eat
"Everywhere from the floor!", said Aggie."Your extreme love of order, can be sometimes quite really irritating."
"Henne and I - we have been sometimes a pair?"
Expectantly I looked Aggie. you have together-used
"Of early sometimes, but Henne was always too disorderly to you. Since you have only the studio together, you are the best friends."
Aggie wrinkled the forehead. "Now being quite funnily, I could tell you something else. Truth has always been one our most popular subjects for debate. The truth is somewhere there outdoors...."
"... Then, finally, allows to go out to us.", said Aggie and I, how from a mouth. The fact that I know Aggie for a long time, became to me in this wink clearly
"Once we have gone for seven spots one after the other to the same film because you the actor found so sweetly", she said,"And here where he says then: The truth is somewhere there outdoors..., we have shrieked at the top of the voice: Then let us go out, finally! and hastily leave the cinema. This is already an eternity."
according to A tender impulse, I embraced Aggie."Then lets us go out, finally!"
returned as us in the sitting room, we found Henne and Knut in an animated conversation detailed. Now
"Like it goes for you?", Knut asked, my hand, the pulse measuring took itself and shone immediately on it, with his small stick lamp in my eyes.
"To thanks, I am in order. So where did you come now so fast? Yesterday"
"Because I could not coming to the party, today I absolutely wanted to see this sculpture."
"Which party?", I asked.
"Well my resignation party of the life as a single", said Aggie."This was a great party!"you got an enthusiastic expression. then"The most wonderful one was the sculpture. I believe, in it I am not able to do myself during years yet deep seeing!"
"And then...", said Knut,"I was just on the way here when me the speech hour help of Doc Franz called."Knut shook the head."Since me Doc Franz the practise has handed over, I have more than ever close."
He turned to Aggie."You should never have told him about the isotank. Now for five days he is again in it."
"What he acts then in the tank?", I asked.
"He be investigated subconsciousness", said Aggie.
"Or he tries to find out what is left of the human if him only emptiness surrounds", Henne added cynically.
"If I tell him about it", Kurt continued,"Like me on the way here, was sent by his speech hour help here, he will tell me with bright eyes: Synchronicities forming the true connection of the world. I have sent you, doctor!"Knut looked me friendly:"If you do not know in one week yet who you are, we should put you maybe in the Isotank."
"Being I also on the party?", I asked.
"And how...", said Henne, winked the eyes and threw to me according to eating noisily aerial kisses. Nevertheless,
"You are only jealous!", said Aggie to him. She had to have looked to me at my desperation about the fact which I could remember to nothing, because she took me with the hand and led me to the couch corner.
"Treasure, before I allow to go you now to the emptiness, cook I first of all a tea and tell you from last night", she said to me."And gets together your things."
you went at the other end of the space to the kitchen-living room and picked up here and there clothes, pencils and other things.
in my head there whirred the countless reminiscent scraps which I could not all arrange. The emptiness frightened the feeling me. Besides, I not even sat in an Isotank.
of beginning had amused me for a while not to know who I am, however, now frightened me the thought to have no past. I did not know yet my whole name. At this moment I envied them all. Aggie who worked confidently in her kitchen. The Henne whom now with the doctor sat before the computer and to me over and over again threw curious views. They all knew where they came and where they would go.
Aggie came back with tea and cookies, laid a pile of things beside me and composed itself. "Yesterday we had a small party", she said and poured out tea.
Henne and Knut composed themselves to us. I mended to me some cookies into the mouth and listened interested.
"Many friends and some friends were here", Aggie passed on."However, the most great is the sculpture! With it I have not at all computed."
"Since when you mend to you so many cookies all at once into the mouth?", Henne asked and had a good time apparently deliciously.
I swallowed me almost in the cookies and Aggie Henne had a reproachful look to. Knut immediately knocked to me on the back what was more painful, however, because of the bruises, than swallowing unpleasantly.
"Henne and I have coming last night together?", I asked.
"Oh yes, this would be nice", said Henne immediately. Now, nevertheless,
"Henne, is quiet sometimes", hissed Aggie."How should understand Eva, otherwise, the connection?"
"Dear Eva", monotonizes Henne."Last night about approximately nineteen clocks, I have fetched you at home and we have come here together. To Aggie on the party!"
Henne took a deep breath and sing sang like a preacher further:"This was temporal co-op-era-tes. With the Trans-por-or-orter... Then, we ha-av-have..."
"Now, however, it is really enough!", although Aggie had to laugh with this singsong, she meant this absolutely seriously.
"Me amuses this", I said."Narrate please next."
"Then some assistants have the sculpture in-carried, no, before, we do have Aggie blindfolded and she had to feel what this is. If she had not found out this, we wanted to take the sculpture again!"
"Being your future man also on this party?", I asked Aggie.
"Yes, you have assured him sometime plausibly that the bridal partners, 72 hours, before they marry, had to sweep apart of each other in themselves", said Aggie."The ancient archaic gods give thus her blessing and so many marriages fail because these ancient conditions would not be fulfilled. The bride must be still submitted to the confidential ceremonies."Aggie giggled and had a look at her arms."I believe Friedberg is exact 72 hours, before we marry, gone. Before he has seen all ten minutes on the clock!"
"The ceremony was the painting of the arms?", I presumed.
Aggie nodded and laughed:"This was great, feel only wolf, then at a throne heaved. Many dear people..."
I budged in my mind, however, could bring on with the best will in the world no internal images.
"... and the dancers. What dance", Aggie swarmed further and can sink back in the soft cushions.
"Even if Eva in yesterday could remember, in it does not determine", said Henne and grinned at the whole face.
"Like you mean this?", I asked. only you have
"Well, all the time with the photographer circum chat up and later with the fashion twit circum smooched", answered Henne.
Also in it I could not remember.
"Pah, circum smooched", said Aggie."She has kissed him once. A miracle that you have seen this generally. I believe I saw you the whole evening only sitting before the computer!"

........................................................................... To be continued.

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