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Letters from father christmas - letters of father Christmas

2014 | 2015

North pole, in December 2014
Dear friends,
now this year everything goes really underneath and about that!
The angels and me thought that we make at least this year timely to pack all Christmas packages for all children and to lay on time to the Christmas under the fir-trees.
However, finally, we had not computed with the polar bear. Only he has had for hours bad mood because he the packages which the angels had packed, found much nicer than those, which he with his paws had wrapped and the encouragement of the angels that he packed wonderful packages have made him properly furious.
Then he said that the angels have only said this certainly, so that he would not become sad. Of course the angels do not say such a thing. They are, finally, Engel and always say the truth.
Also I found the packages of the polar bear really nice and the paw impression which were found every now and then on a package, really looked after something special one.
I said him, nevertheless, he should fancy the joy of the children if they get a package with a paw impression of the polar bear and how nicely it is wrapped up, although it is difficult for him with his gigantic paws, nevertheless to bind fine littling loops.
He rumbled for a while around and sometime he further wrapped up the packages for the children.
The angels and I have not paid attention quite a while to him and had been surprised as him joyfully exclaimed: Ready!
What are you ready with?, I asked him curiously.
He pointed to the packages and properly. A gigantic pile of packages - every child must get, finally, a package, stood beside him.
However, on the other side, still there lay the whole toys and socks and pullovers and music instruments and sweets. What have you wrapped up then?, I asked him completely surprised.
Fish!, said the polar bear.
Fish?, I asked. What should the children make then with the fish?
Eat!, said the polar bear. Only fancy, any child is hungry and then gets a doll of the Santa Claus. Nevertheless, one cannot eat dolls! There I have asked the penguins whether they cannot bring me a few fish for the children what they have also equalised.
Actually, the polar bear is right and, moreover, his heart in the right spot!
The angels hurried up, the toys and the other things which the polar bear should wrap up first to pack, but we hardly had enough wrapping paper because we have wrapped up for the first time fish for the hungry children this year.
Finally, without polar bear it would be possible that one or other child in the Christmas would remain hungry if it got to eat maybe only one doll and nothing!
Finally, we had got to pack all packages for all children and wanted to charge them on the slide when we ascertained - oh, fright, that the snow has melted.

You need to look only from the window, then you will see that I am right.

The racing animals refused to pull the heavy slide on the street because the hoofs would hurt them without snow!
As I already said: now this year everything goes really underneath and about that.

Now remains to me only to bring the packages by the bicycle to the children! This can last of course quite long because I am not used to at all driving so much bicycle.
I only wanted to say you, actually: Can be that it lasts this year a little longer, until her your Christmas package gets! Finally, I must go by the bicycle.
And if in your package a fish is, can be said: The polar bear has it only well-intentioned.

I do wish y'all

Merry christmas


Father christmas
I on which bicycle. The image has one that angel painted, because our camera was broken
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North pole, in December 2015
The annuitants and I swish through the christmas sky. My dear friends!

Also this year I would like to tell You a little about the Christmas preparations here on the North Pole. As you can maybe remember, there has been last year at Christmas no snow and, unfortunately, the reindeers could not pull the Christmas slide. There was only left to me to distribute all packages by the bicycle. I can say You that has lasted quite long and Rudolf Ruprecht quite often had to mend the bicycle flexible tubings, - every time if I had records!
With opportunity I will ask him once, how often he has mended the tyres. Of course I also understand that he was a little sad about that. Mostly he went in summer to the fishing to a small lake in the mountains where he lives then in a comfortable log cabin. Once I have accompanied him and when I asked him with the fishing, why he would not do a small bait in his fishhook, there he said, this is too thrilling to him, because if a fish bites and he has maybe just an important thought, then this threatens to get lost in the excitement!

But I am healthy glad that Rudolf has not gone to the lake and has always mended to the records, I could make in this time always sometimes a short nap!
Scarcely I have finished it, - I mean, with the packages distribute and not with the nap! and the next Christmas stands already in the house. Though the angels and the polar bear have written a Christmas snow petition to the weather God, so that he sends at least one small little Christmas snow to us at Christmas. However, whether the weather God to us fulfils this wish, stands still in the stars written. We hope, in any case, everybody fervently that, nevertheless, he may fulfil this wish to us. The reindeers can hardly expect to gallop by the snowy sky and me disturbs, to tell the truth, a little the thought to have to distribute all packages by the bicycle maybe once again.

This year the angels and the polar bear........
have "Brumm.......!"
"What you have now, polar bear?"
"Brrr...mmmmh Brum!"
........ so: This year the angels, the polar bear and the penguins have packed the Christmas packages. The angels dealt all kinds of ones because the penguins have read out the desirable slips of paper and have packed the angels and the polar bear the packages. When the polar bear got his own desirable slip of paper read out, he became taken aback! He had not wished this, nevertheless, at all! Only there it has struck the polar bear and the angels that the penguins cannot read at all and because they did not want to add this, itself the wishes on the desirable slips of paper have devised. Later said the angels, they could already have become a little taken aback rather because quite a lot many have wished fish at Christmas. The polar bear had assured them just over and over again that the fish of the last Christmas to all has probably so well tasted that they wish him once again! Quite a nice tumult! Finally, the penguins had read out the desirable slips of paper already during some days! They had already arrived with E. This year the angels wanted to start with the alphabet from Behind and thus the letters E D C B and A were left. The polar bear growled only if they had started this time with A, it would have struck him already much earlier! However, the angels said over and over again: luckily there would be the polar bear! Without this would not have struck them at all that the penguins have thought up the wishes. The angels write no desirable slips of paper! Not that they are perfectly happy! No, then they wish a sort of: Peace on earth, or: Protects the woods of the earth........ such a thing one can hardly write on a desirable slip of paper and not pack already at all into a package!

Now, my dear friends! If you do not agree this year what stood on your desirable slips of paper, I can assure You, - not that your wishes, maybe will not come true!...... I think that everything possibly lasts a little longer........ the penguins have it only well-intentioned! Please, looks after no rancour against them! Maybe can read out next year, the One or other of You the desirable slips of paper! Nevertheless, you are able to do almost all vintages!

Only not that now you think that here on the North Pole hectic rush rules, or even an unsightly mood steers our action! No, no! The angels sing wonderful songs and the polar bear beats a marvellous cadence with his paws! And full joy we pack the packages and we everybody wish You from whole hearts:

Glad and blest Christmas and a happy new year!
If peace and joy may fulfil your hearts!

Father Christmas

And the polar bear of course!
Polar bear. Holly. Holly.
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